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The cavalcade arrived, the two sides confront them immediately, blue Qin Di’s family and the family has always been fierce competition, who should be allowed, meaning only trophy suddenly peculiar.
seen wearing a blue robe and shaped like a withered old man, but his eyes were flashing, Qin Yun’s face immediately become less attractive.

“Blue consultation! ah, yes Blue Guru’s family tamer, blue exercise you!”

heard the name, people will experience somewhat one by one exclaimed again and again, tamer master ah! Blue’s family has remained superior to Qin, the biggest reason is that they have a blue exercise this name tamer guru.

this old guy in blue Di family life offers many high-star sacred even adult animal, is definitely one of the mainstay of the blue house, not to mention his own magic sky is a teacher and has two adult animal, strength equally alarming!

blue advice of your death in a high-end mountain of Warcraft is not scarce, why do you have to contend with our family that the first Qin seven sacred? “Qin asked muffled light was so uncomfortable that he is not a man the other two division rivals sky magic, not to mention that there are animal blue exercise hold the line, which is really the old man, people are dying, and also ran stroll out the best careless bow to the other end of the mountain in the far end of the death of super animal, to get rid of this old guy!

Blue consultation touch goatee, a little old to sell, said Wu died before entering the mountains, to enhance the strength of the whole team is very important, there is the head of the old Seven sacred ground, fighting will increase a lot, the little guy who pressures will reduce the number, you should also understand Qin shallow, one end is definitely much better alive than some sacred trophy, right? So good, the old promise you, after entering the death of an adult domesticated mountain sacred to you, Qin shallow you think? “

adult sacred? Qin pale eyebrows a move, the value of an adult sacred indeed much higher than the trophy, although Qin face beneath But even if they do not agree with each other will certainly hard to grab, to have under the stairs, Qin light will go along down: “Since you are so committed to the Blue consultation, all right.”

if not finished, Another cool voice would suddenly cross into the act, direct light Qin interrupted: “What good is good?!”

Qin and blue home crowd shouted shocked, surprised to look past what audacious bastard? They even dare to sweep the surface in the two families. Live impatient.

whither side a look, just saw a handsome young boy looks very coldly walked lightly swept a crowd, said: “Why do you assign loot asked to kill the owner of this python head yet? We want to say when it first sold the python, little wishful thinking here! “

almost did not give her all scared to death, the boy is not crazy? Magic sky against three divisions according to dare such a big shake to speak, in which case there is a tamer tent!

Qin shallow, blue exercise Rambler totally did not expect to come out so suddenly crop, six protruding eyes stare together almost always in them, a family of four divisions rampant in the world of magic,uggs outlet, even if the sky magic teacher should give they face, some even to curry favor with their booty at your fingertips, how did not expect, actually someone is so bold, public give them a slap in the face!

three first surprised, then looking just like eating camel arsenic lengli up.

“brats, do you think you are? presume to speak to us?” angry trio blue Xun as the worst, the larger his age, status and prestige has always been very high, and even see him master of the house are is respectfully, when heard this tone?

me what people you have no control, but you have to grab my booty hard, I will not matter! “Proud cooled exercise a sweeping blue, cold tough. Kisses no change.

Blue consultation gas to runaway insurance this is two sunken eyes fiercely Dengzhu her: “! your own death wish, then blame the old lady bullying the weak.”

division four magic burning and looting big bullying the small family will do? Here are so many pairs of eyes looking at it, whoever you pass out is your best to think clearly. “Ironically sneer, proud to help wind indifferent shrug and said, she was very clear, it is nothing to fear. Forest bandit than four families, others can publicly robbery, they can not for fame, between the Blue House and Qin more or reputation of coercion and not really hands-on, is to do what people can not see things that are secretly, clear surface will not allow the honor of the family appear the slightest injury!

Sure enough, the wind so proud to say that three people looking gloomy opponent more than once, had choked a deal with her anger.

you say you beat this head python, can I see you, but only fifteen-year-old age, where there is such a powerful strength? You can not believe. Orpiment! “This character is more shallow Qin could not help but kind of great anger burning, simmering seen how this feeling uncomfortable.

is my beat, and I was proud of the way the wind, I was her, she has the right to dispose of. This time, Lei Yufeng did not hesitate to stand proud beside the wind exclaimed.

beside people have shouted: “Yes, yes you are 雷御风 beat this head Eudemons save our adventure camps, we have seen!!”

all positive although not dare to contend with a family of four magic teacher, but they are still grateful for Leiyu Feng and Qin and blue house too arrogant, domineering attitude so let see all the adventurers feel very uncomfortable , there is an opportunity, it helped them a Lei Yufeng two blocked.

four voices, things are obviously not fake.

Qin Lei Yufeng shallow and blue exercise one’s name, the moment both hesitated again face a lot of changes

Lei Yufeng,cheap uggs, turned out to be you! “Even the pale blue exercise are a bit ugly, 雷御风 background is not really a mess, and that one of the most beloved grandson so one, if he misses on the future, just next to that one ear chewing chewing ears child, his days are not so good, I am afraid how too.

Most people are shocked Lei Yufeng’s name, however, ranks Qin family, in the front row wearing body magic swords spirits division badge, the entire team of Qin, the most powerful one youth suddenly lifted the head of a long silence, his eyes filled with color amazed, staring stubbornly looked proud of the wind, loudly call Road

“proud of the wind? are you?”

this soon shouted, again proud of everyone’s attention back upon the wind, listening to the early Qin shallow name not care how, then read it again repeated, suddenly looking shocked to look in the past, as if the thought of something.

uh? Proud wind some doubts turned his head, and looked up and down the name of the handsome youth.

only two-ish look, and strength are not so strong, it should not be big brother ah! That is he?

“you are what you really are, proud of the wind!!” handsome young cheeky smile of joy, running over a grasp proud of the wind on the shoulder, laughed out loud: “proud of the wind, you forgot Well I’m proud of the sea? ah! Previously, we often together next snow snowmen, snowball fights it, ten years have gone so fast, not hear your name, I do not want it too! “

proud in the wind trying to allocate memory for a long time to find, a eureka moment, clapped his hands and said: “?!? sea ah you are a proud son uncle, Qin proud sea”

right right right! Is my ah, ha ha! “Qin Hai proud to see her say this, certainly no doubt about her identity, increasingly joy: a child so many brothers, and my favorite, but you do when you leave the empire I secretly send you, crying, I did not expect! You both have grown, still a superb beautiful boy, ah, brother Aotian be happy to see some crazy, he can every day talking about the emperor with How about you. “

“Fuge? brother he okay,” said the proud few Qin Aotian feel a little excited, but also asked.

“Well, of course,cheap ugg boors, he’s the first day of our family, his grandfather could value it.” Qin proud sea smiled, paused, and then wondering: for the proud wind, you’re not in Qincheng thing? How will the sun does not go inside the forest come? “

death Qin Mountain Chapter VII you’re proud of the wind?

Qincheng. Qin proud of the wind?

Here, Qin Lan’s family and the family of the crowd simply shot the lights vice than Dawu expression, eyes revealing their banter meaning, ordinary people probably have not heard the name, but Qin and blue family who has this name is extraordinarily sensitive.

Owing peerless genius Qin Aotian, proud wind also followed famous, is none among the four families do not know something well-known, talking about the glory of that nature Qin Qin Aotian you, but when it comes to the biggest shame Qin it must be in front of the “waste seven master”, Qin proud of the wind.

children who are immediate family of four magic teacher, inherited the excellent pedigree of the family, not even magic can become teachers, there are even more ridiculous than this joke thing?

but these people will only know Qin proud of the wind can be used to make fun of the name, to fully understand the current situation proud of wind, Qincheng quite remote southern, northern insults interest and less smooth, obstruction of forest under blue, proud of the wind in their eyes that nothing is still “waste teenager.”

you’re the useless Qin proud today? Well, Fate genius Qin Aotian have you as a younger brother, really makes Xiaodiao Daya ah! Ironically Rambler looked proud of the wind, while treacherous sneer, to view Qin Aotian dislike him, of course, will not give any chance to beat their competitors.

proud of wind cold cool glances at the side a completely ignore this madman himself, only these people when the air, to uphold the proud Hydrographic Qin: “Actually, I was too miss the big brother and little uncle , just will empire alone to find you. “
? You …… you want a man across the sun does not set the forest? “Qin proud of the wind can not help but scared voice cried, almost wits scared to fly away, a cold sweat pegged proud of wind scolded:” nonsense! It is too nonsense! How can you be a man went to the forest to do, do not anything about the situation really great life, but fortunately you met us, my father and Qin shallow you are old friends do, we’ll bring you back together empire. “

Yes, seven young master. “Qin shallow one is proud of the wind, and they do not have much contempt, look for a loose genial smiles: I just cut off the feet of the old saying that big Qin Yun, chief elder, he returned to the Empire these days are every day Du pull you, since you came here, do not be afraid of, how to say I will certainly take you back to see him. “

Qin humble opinion is proud of the wind “insiders”, there is less a question of losing face, but proud of the wind and Lei Yufeng equivalent to suppress the emergence of Blue’s family, so he stuck on what turned into the psychological fun.

have Lei Yufeng Here, a daring exercise by the blue he was not a threat to them.
This is a small shallow
Qin uncle’s friend? Proud of wind startled by startled, Qin family who had the impression is not very good, but the mood to hear this news this promise changes occur.

Qin played shallow though her mind, but also the long-term thinking of the affected family, he is a mentor it very gentle man, nor discriminate against themselves, unlike imagined so annoying, very moment to face nodded and said: “So is Qin shallow mentor, which I originally intended to head python small uncle gave themselves, so no one wanted to make, I did not expect instructors think so, really big flush of the Dragon King Temple ah. “

was such ah, all right, give him to you, he will be more happy, kids, I’ve got a space ring, is your uncle Qin Yun recent small magic device works inside the space is very large, and There is the additional effect of magic, can hide all the ornaments live on your hands, you take it, do not let someone else beat you see Choi spur of the moment idea, I think, my friend also definitely want to give you. “Qin, smiling with satisfaction that, in the hands handed out 一枚 purple diamond ring, the heart, the seven young master though no strength, mind is not quite small, no wonder Qin Yun and remembered her.

uncle’s small things, naturally proud of the wind will not refuse, xingmou micro ignorant, stretched out a hand next robes, brought up in a black gown, gently spin magic device rings, hands stretched out again, and the other Together with three rings on one hand the ancient magic ring only hand flapping purple diamond ring and just bring to conceal gender 一枚 really can not see it.

proud of wind puff amazing, spiritual invocation Ring of Endless life, one breath left in python will load into the ring, the ring can not be loaded into the general space creatures, all she saw Monty Python away, I thought It’s the breath of life has dissipated, but died without stiff, there is no reason to Blue’s family of the competition.

magic sky blue house two divisions despite a stomach anger, seeing this, also no way.

proud of the wind, you do not say you do not Qin human? How now become Qin lineal blood? “Lei Yufeng asked some angry, he does not mind the booty issue, but the wind did deceive his grievances proud!

now he has been considerable pride in favor of wind, it will be more uncomfortable feel a little sour.

Hey, it Qin family when she is with immediate blood? She does not claim to Qin myself, that is normal, Rambler finally found the opportunity chipped in, mocking sneer.

Lei Yufeng four families you are not human, and perhaps do not know that this waste as Master Qin seven straight take blood, but can not gather a little bit of magic power, can not be a magic teacher, this is a Father Qin Carol foot kicked out of the Qin empire headquarters, but also hurt the Qin Aotian also been demoted, and later went to Qin Aotian was only recall one person was swept out of the house, is also known as capitalists human? “

faint blue exercise also hum: Yes, everyone knows this thing in four families, I heard this waste these years she still lived seven young master in Qincheng Michong like life, the courage touches bigger , armed with sun does not dare forests, probably even Qincheng also not stay it. “

a little old and a two take a singing, ironically, a pedestrian was Qin shallow face reddened, but can not refute the hearts of indignation.

Qin proud addition to sea, young family, a bunch of Qin Di, looking proud eyes a bit more wind disgust, obviously hate being hurt this waste, the bad reputation of his family.

brow slightly hop feel proud of the wind, from just beginning in secretly doubting hearts, they still do not know what has become a magic teacher? These people went so far as to Qin’s family, who own look, their own thought is that the waste seven young master, Qin Lian do not put out their own things to say?

looked a little sleepy, proud in the wind from the crowd look increasingly sure of things, Mouguang flash, got the idea.

waste …… waste? Qin was also expelled from the headquarters? Lei Yufeng surprised no trivial matter, only the double Yandeng like bells so great.

God! What open international joke? This can be scary super metamorphosis actually be called waste? She is waste, then I palpable what is it?

Leiyu Feng Qin Father at this time could not help very skeptical eye, he’d ask the old man, you do not Laoyanhunhua old, right? The one overriding talent shine magic temple Bald Eagle swept out of the mouth of the super-genius kind of thing, arguably your old work it out ah!

good, because it is the relationship of waste, Qin town I grew up being bullied people also go to large, a few months ago I was proud of Qin Luo two brothers severely beaten, almost no longer wake up, and since then I do not want to stay in Qincheng, but I would like to thank his side beat him, cut off the feet would not be whether I am now. Extremely proud of the wind smiled coldly, changed the subject, his eyes looked deeply Leiyu Feng said: “I just came out with a team of adventurers, went deep in the forest, a few days ago and met a good luck Yufeng, we hit it off, he agreed to accompany me for three months, I will be sending sun does not set the forest. preceding words heavier tone, Lei Yufeng extremely sensitive to hear her voice in anger real and heavy, though A few months from the division between the waste is not the magic level to rise and now this really incredible, but he just can not not trust her, no matter how ridiculous, he instinctively

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Phoebe Langyan stigma in the ground a few actually opt disconnected.

“Who are you in the end? Siyeyaosi I understand it and I want to see where offend you!” I’ve been tired out of breath. So then chase down. I was not killed him. Will be exhausted land. Simply hide the side edges asked.

“Enough talk.” he growled one. Offensive unabated. I constantly escape in. Legs began to feel weak. Some a halo,cheap uggs. Finally. When he moves again. I was caught. I’m really tired. Struggling simply too lazy to struggle. They obediently stared at him in the end to see how.

“You’d behaved!” him in a low voice,uggs outlet. Ironically strong in his mouth. I do not words. Moment. I can not say anything. Say what is exposed. Loose lips sink ships.

He saw me not words. He is holding me to the house Su Yi Xuan walked. I geocentric sank. Suddenly understand. He is threatening to bring me Xuan Su Yi. Or said. He wanted to use me to change was related to the Su Yi Xuan Ward in blood in the slightest monster.

Su Yi Xuan or meditate in the enchantment. Those ferocious fury bloodshot rage at the moment does not seem like that previously. Many supple. Bowed. Su Yi Xuan feet down.

“surnamed Su, quickly closed end sector, this woman’s soul or I suck!” His voice was sharp again with muddy old man’s voice. I frowned, really not what I expected, he really took me to change that looks like streaks of blood stained the soul of things.

Su Yi Xuan did not like to hear someone speak. Still sat motionless beat, Aura enchantment increasingly dense. Those who lost their lives such as bloodshot eyes, motionless.

“You do not believe? I’ll suck her soul?” he rage extremely surprised to find Su Yi Xuan did not care for him.

“You can really set the whole earth day trader expense?” He was obviously angry to the extreme, clamoring. Grabbed my neck and hands, a lot of strength suddenly deepened. I feel a claw his nail clippers to my flesh, pain Dayton Cecil strands spread coolness infiltrated the bones. I subconsciously shrink shrink neck, there piercing pain.

I was going to die, right? My body like an hourglass, with the loss of the power of an endless stream. Or, at least did not drag Su Yi Xuan. I looked enchantment Xuan Su Yi, he still closed his eyes, face calm, though covered with wounds, but still has a warm to cool beauty.

“Devil Tuisan!” That sounds like slender fingers over the piano bass, deep mellow. I suddenly looked up, Mouguang been, a silver lotus spin, at breakneck speed drill into the body of the man in black, that black portrait broken line kite floating leisurely dancing, and then fell to the ground.

same time, I see clearly, was actually shot silver lotus Messengers before my grasp. I “Yeah,” I heard, he was blown in front of me, hold me, waved his hand between my neck and cool,cheap ugg boors, the pain disappeared. Then he hit the silver lotus flower wafting from that body black people, leisurely floating fly over and actually, silver was slightly blue petals.

Guichai spread hand, that the lotus palm gently stopped in his right hand, his left hand on Yifu lotus flower that would eliminate the invisible, leaving only a transparent light blue smoke in his hands gently filled. He started cautiously together, come to me, ask on my neck, his hands cold, but there are a steady stream of warmth into my body. I have also lost as a flower-like body of water, even at this time was unrestrained and exuberant bloom.

“Thank you!” I carefully looked at his face, trying to find clues which I am familiar. He shook his head to say you’re welcome, but looked over his opportunity.

“happy!” Su Yi Xuan array dismissed the moment, it has been lifeless strands bloodshot, over there motionless. Xuan Su Yi smiled and stood up, one hand on the Messengers, Messengers slightly bow, both a sympathetic look.


“Yes, when we have found that when this life Gorefiend! decided cooperated! lure greedy with my Soul Gorefiend read the part of the soul into my body, I support the elimination from the enchantment, while the rest come Gorefiend If the soul to the rescue, it all to him! “Su Yi Xuan came lifted the hair, look carefully at my neck.

“Rest assured, I could not bear to beauty scars!” Messengers smile, voice full of ridicule. I went to his head buried, but would like to know the face after he was big in the end what kind of sunglasses, then tried to give him the door.

“What are you doing?” he continued to the back, like a good and decent girl molested by bullies like.

“I want to know who you are!” Hey I smiled pounce, which is obviously unwise move, because I know that unless he is willing to let me close, otherwise I could not even he went into within five meters. But in this moment of surviving, but still keen on such a pointless game.

“Do Now is not the time!” He drifted to the window, I seized the opportunity to recover the past.

“What time is it when?” I twist the Yufeng tactics, ran after him in the house. But accidentally hit the paralysis that black people on the ground, I cried all the way to jump on the ground that black people limp as a starfish.

“Yeah? That old fox!” Cop stopped and looked really hot ground black people.

“jumped out soul fled, Gorefiend really is the original capital of the flower!” Su Yi Xuan also immediately blown up next to the body.

I walked over, courage peeled off his mask, and sure enough we expected, it was Uncle. But the next scene made me stunned.

Uncle, Gorefiend this election turned out to be a host. Unfortunately, not a good Gorefiend generation, he is to make the host eat thoroughly clean. In addition to devour the host soul vitality, blood will host all drink them. Then bloodshot control the host. By this time, because Gorefiend abandoned soul fled, this shell is Uncle’s. Maybe I just hit this body, perhaps because too much force when just Jiemian Sha, Uncle’s body crumbled even crashed Rouli grain size, it actually has a touch of dry bloodshot between Rouli and diced. Hey a man instantly lost in a pile of diced water reactors, see these, my stomach churned dinner pike, black fungus, lettuce, etc. to form a complex mix of fall all spit.

Su Yi Xuan rushed over Hold me, what Guichai the nagging spell the segment, those Rouli gather again, synthetic Uncle appearance. Messengers wave of his hand, which the corpse would without a trace.

“to get where they are going?” I sheepishly asked.

“Do not worry, anyway, everything is handled well.” he shrugged, made a naughty action, and then walked over, handed a wooden box to Su Yi Xuan. The wooden box wooden pan-black, with a nice texture, with box with red velvet satin bottom, top with gold and silver thread embroidery into a lotus.

“It is?” Su Yi Xuan hesitated, did not answer.

“opens know, I just have to withdraw the seal! rest!” He put the box stuffed Su Yi Xuan hands, turned into a breeze floated away.

crevices newborn [Chapter 32]

Su Yi Xuan sapphire pressing the button that wooden box, the box suddenly opened, the box is also made of gold and silver satin embroidered with lotus BEDDING crimson velvet, satin velvet impressively lying on a small diamond sapphire, that gem is filled with the faint moonlight smoke that smoke also pale blue. A closer look, that tiny gem is irregular, apparently not carefully polished jewel that reads like a big fall from the jewel pieces.

“? What is it,” I asked curiously, but stood staring Su Yi Xuan, looked for a moment, before surprised, grabbed my shoulder and shouted: “Xiao Lin, Xiao Lin, Ming your soul Your bright soul! “

out my soul? This blue stone? How the soul is this? I glanced at Su Yi Xuan.

“Xiao Lian, this is part of your soul out.” Su Yi Xuan happily put the stone gently on the left palm hearts, flicking his right hand, a reminder from the spiritual power, the blue stone in the palm of his increasingly transparent, of heap of pale blue smoke, shrouded in his palm.

“come, Xiao Lin!” He pulled me laughing, clapping his vibrant blue smoke earners among that group mobility, his palm gently close my eyebrows, that smoke toward me, the warmth and beauty, they instantly disappear. Suddenly, I felt my body Brisk, filling the warmth, the spirit of a lot of people seem to.

“Xuan Yi, this is really out of my soul!” I have a surprise for the changes in the body. This nine years, my body is always very weak, irregular menstruation, climbing stairs are tired, the whole body feels cold on a hot day, and the body is getting weaker. Previously felt vaguely related with the lack of soul soul less, but have no way to change.

At this point, only a small one bright soul, actually let me sparkle. I am very glad, humming a song in the house in circles.

“You have to look into what Joseph. After all the souls have come back, you can not binge three days and three nights ah?” Su Yi Xuan his white teeth smile.

I looked at him, this saw his clothes were tattered, Cecil strands. His whole body hurt, though no longer bleeding, but the wound is still very grim. At the moment, I blame myself a little bit selfish, actually so long, did not care about his injury, but only focus on yourself.

“Xuan Yi, it hurts, I have a disinfectant that box with me in the past, I’ll give you sanitized!” I walked up and bit his lip, pull his hand.

“Silly girl, almost bit my mouth!” he gently broke away my hand, anti put my hands together in the hands, smiled and said to me, “this wound disinfectant useless, I meditate recuperation recuperation tomorrow like! do not you worry! “He raised his hand to my chin, with slender Fufu my lips.

“really be? did not lie to me?” I looked at him quizzically. Trying to find out from his eyes speak to clues. But his eyes to clean clarity. Do not lie to sign.

“Well, Well. soon go back to rest! forget you promised Xiakang Jun tomorrow morning to go and see Xiakang Chen and ² ÌÏþÁá it?” Su Xuan Yila towards me without any explanation took me to the door. After just been Gorefiend when wind swept the legs to collapse to post. He waved. That column actually intact.

original spell can also be used to repair the house. Su Yi Xuan follow later. What you can not worry. This I had to mate with the ideal of how consistent ah. God is really good to me. I want to be happy.

“You girl. want what want to be so preoccupied? hurry to bed!” He sent me into the house. Come help me with a smile. This move is nothing like I’ve known in the Soviet Union Xuan Yi. After I catch him. He is Sipilailian hang. How might like so good. Initiative to close?

“Wait!” I propped the door. He looked on helplessly. Afraid of him telling me another thing.

“how?” he smiled at me. But that clearly has a faint smile of alienation. This alienated us quickly separated by a light-year. I am surprised to fierce heart. Maybe he was not as good as in the past I have it.

this idea in my mind, the moment is starting a white lightning, suddenly sad bunch, so long since I are not open peach woman, itself has many drawbacks: no shaking to no good incomparable character, no Allure of appearance, not quite a healthy body, there are only a small razor smart and excessive selfishness. After the encounter in Xuan Su Yi, only he attracted the kind of so-called modern Youyi knowledgeable superiority to him alone, while they have never had to look at the gap between themselves and him.

he is actually kind of a perfect man, handsome and elegant, gentle, intelligent moderate, in the days of supplier also has high status, the spell is also very high. He was not born to be able to match my kind of woman, she says! Moreover, I have troubles, just met me less than a month, but it has been scarred, and even a few times almost lost his life. Why should he be losing your life for me? Just because I was in charge of his three meals a day to eat? Or buy a few pieces of clothing? Little or nothing then that emotion?

not. Compared with their lives, those who really are not worth mentioning. I really was too selfish. This so-called intimacy with others to deceive their lives for me.

blue Xiao Lian, how can you be so despicable people?

“how the? Xiao Lin!” he saw stunned me at the door just keep meditating, asked, puzzled.

“Nothing, nothing, just want to ask who it Guichai is! How do you cooperate with him! Do not you know that before, he should pay attention to me?” My panic among the questions do they casually took another excuse.

“do not ask, I do not know who he is! was he invaded my thoughts to work with me!” Su Yi Xuan brows all at once, looking unhappy.

My heart fell blunt pain, raising his hand to ask him subconsciously want corrugated brow, hand picked, but suddenly solidified into a flower posture.

Bale Bale, can not go any further, you can not go to any kind of lure. Looking back let him return to his lotus moon day trader earth bar. Think of this, I would only have slowly solidified hand gesture to win, leaning door, facing Xuan Su Yi smiled and said good night, then quickly shut the door.

I stared to go inside the house, tears shabu torrents. Such alienation to get along with him, that I do not sad, but I really do not want to go Su Xuan Yi scraped. So we meet by chance, really should not have life entrusted such heavy intersection.

“boom — boom!” knock on the door suddenly sounded bitter in my heart hammering, I was shocked, hurriedly pulling clothes lapel put Calei.

“who I want to rest!” I asked coldly.

“Xiao Lin, you are not to blame me in the evening whether you live or die, did not save you?” Su Yi Xuan asked softly at the door. My tears coming again. Fool ah fool, so important juncture, I do not see it, how could I blame you. If you put your life gave me, I just can not afford it.

“No, no!” My tone eased a bit, but still with indifference.

“You are not to blame so I trust that Cop?” Su Yi Xuan still whispered out, his voice filled with lonely grief.

“Xuan Yi, I really do not blame you, you much concern. sleep I’m tired!” I said coldly. There is no sound outside the house for a long time. I uphold laughed.
both ends of it. Su Yi Xuan, forgive me, this this reason, no depth, are good for each other.

me over to the bed, incense smoke was still escaping the faint scent of gardenia, like taste Xiakang Jun body. Think Xiakang Jun night move, my face suddenly hot. For a long while, but joked: He has always been a young master temper, moody, volatile, who can guarantee that when he was real emotional, even when they are mad?

such a man even though good to me, but also the depth it should not. Even though I was plain woman, so overbearing, moody man I was categorically not want. Because I know that he is the woman left the level of need that is dull men together tide thermostat rest.

mention I still do not know how much trouble, but should not be close to others. At the moment I am no different from a bomb, when what zhibuding “boom” sound bombing. How can I let someone else be the second net dust?

net dust, clean the dust. Where are you? Destined would you say goodbye, goodbye is really it? You know, much deliberation, your relationship with me, but is most closely related to the original, you’re my brother, you saw me come alive from the dead, you heard my first confession rotation mind, you and I spend a carefree time ……
I miss the net
endless dust. No tears, no expression. No matter how 夏康峻 loving past, I have lost his memory, so let’s all just stop here now!

I feel tired, eyelids getting heavy, and slowly lay down on the bed. Suddenly stunned and sat up, a man reclining bedside clearly, he wore scarlet robes, his hands holding pregnant, silver hair hanging, the long and winding; handsome face, just too pale, and looked tired many; Meidai far Mountains, water hyacinth slightly narrowed, ruby ​​eyes flashing light Xiemei that as fresh and full of vermilion

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. “
boat suddenly spawned surface distress up the bowed lower, evasively said:. “your woman …… your daughter has been sent to the people of Rehoboth, villain dare claim credit.”
one arm outstretched to me pulled up in front of a few people watching Ji Yu, said:. “the hour is late, Haier speed to go fast.”
boat and several spawned from people swear, have turned on the big boat.
seeing Yaran I asked Ji Yu: “They want to go where?”
Ji Yu look at me and said:. “Father, who is still around enough to find you when this soon.”
my hearts delight, hurriedly asked him: “Where my brother?”
Ji Yu, raising his hand and gently picked up my Binbian Jisi recklessly, around the ear, said:. “After you fell into the water, enough parent has been searching from the area downstream of Guo.”
so, I slowly nodded. ? Estimate was good, if not then spawned boat rescued me, I’m afraid also to be taken to the river downstream.
I look big boat, perhaps? come, the elderly or perhaps there would be a break.
mind could not help bright. I thought, asked: “?? ‘Enough parent who’ geography, except my brother, who else.”
hair hand movements paused, looking no wave Ji Yu turned around, looked big boat is ready to go.
“marquises.” pause, listen, he said dismissively.
I Zhengzhu.
Ji Yu did not say anything, took my hand and walked to Dan and Chen.
“Wu Zi over here.” Dan smiling, turned to lead the way. Chen blankly at her, and glanced Ji Yu a, do not say anything to have to go back.
Ji Yu still took me behind them. Behind came the children who cried, I looked and saw a large boat slowly left the shore.
heart was still thinking about his earlier words. Ji Yu Xie say that moment, my heart a sudden, is not to shock. Sup for me so far extraordinary significance, I will always think of something between him and us,cheap uggs, but, unlike in the past, I’ve just felt like those sad and vicissitudes of life. Perhaps it is because in the coast town farewell remarks frank conversation, forming a kind of tacit understanding between us, and now hear sup hear him as I do, though also some faint hearts sad and tangled , but it is more grateful …… countryman
next successively dispersed, many women frequently to look back, his eyes sparkling.
I look to Ji Yu, he was looking at the front, near-afternoon sunlight, deep and handsome silhouette shot from the side. Hands, he firmly shook, fingers with a little rough, but still warm.
seem aware of my sight, Ji Yu turned.
me a little smile, and asked him: “Yu turns me on Volt Lane?”
Ji Yu look at me, did not speak, but never pulled the arms of one thing, to me.
I took a look, actually fell into the water after missing jade?!
“I heard you in a week’s drowning, passed the day after the letter was immediately rushed to the river.” Ji Yu opening: “Looking along with everyone from the country have been found to Guo Yong, but for a long time unsuccessful. positive anxious attendants around with me that he saw people selling jade in the City?, with my childhood wore on that piece is very similar and I follow him to see, it really is this thing, questioning under the military, the final hopes of finding a boat is spawned. “
my glance. Although it is known not easy to find here, so no one thought of which there are some opportunities and setbacks.
time, Ji Yu stopped. He took my hands from jade?, Open top sash ropes, looking to me to hang it on my neck.
I looked down at the jade hanging in the chest?, it mellow before, in Shining sun, exudes Bik sheen.
“? ,” Ji Yu’s hands stay on my shoulders, pause for a moment and said: “? put the future will no longer remove the guys.”
sun more big, looked tan I can not see.
I nodded: “Well, will not be taken off.”
Ji Yu did not move, forehead, his breathing close to a bustling speak, tell the sun or his breath.
“?!” Dan and Chen had gone all the way, she waved towards us.
Ji Yu will hand down, holding me to continue stride walked.
to the Chen family, Chen’s mother saw Ji Yu, lengleleng. Listen to Dan said Ji Yu guests, want something to eat, Chen’s mother seemed happy, and immediately brought out to the kitchen room eating porridge, to Ji Sheng Yu. Under
shade, Ji Yu a man eating, sitting opposite me, and Dan and Chen’s mother sat watching both sides.
Chen still silent, take a look at the crowd for a while, take care to go beside the firewood pile. Stone ax chop the firewood, Chung on boulder,uggs outlet, muffled sound.
half a porridge eaten quickly Ji Yu. Dan enthusiastically asked him not to drink, and Chen’s mother and whispered for a while, Chen’s mother entered the house, not long after, took out a half cup of millet Amoy.
Ji Yu got up, said he was fed up with Dan, two This dropped.
I see Ji Yu look dusty, dirty clothes are also some, think, and then a boat came, four days later given three things,cheap ugg boors, I asked him: “Yu, bathing happen?”
Ji Yu nodded: “Good.”
I smiled.
thinking about, although a time when the summer, but Yu Ji ‘hard work and a long, warm or wash properly.
made up his mind, I went into the kitchen room, they found a large earthenware pots of boiling water, to fetch water from the well. The two men looked outside, Ji Yu tired many days, limited physical strength, Chen seems to do better. next
Chaiduo, talking with Dan Chen, it seems very excited. Chen was indifferent look, keep firewood, saw me, it is the face of a pull, hard at work.
surprised me slightly, but still went up, kindly said to him: “? Chen, Weng inside to fetch water for me these days.”
Chen Touyebutai: “I want to chop firewood.”
me smile: “Do not delay you, half urn can.”
Chen still without looking up: “I want to chop firewood.”
I was stunned. This is how the people?
Dan aside frowns at him: “what can they do to help?”
Chen looked up toward her sneer:. “is not how I would chop firewood.”
“? ,” Ji Yu came to see Chen, said to me:. “fetch water trivial, do not take the trouble to others.”
I nodded, glanced doubtfully Chen, with him to the well.
himself seems to really want more, I saw Ji Yu fetch water for water, one will be the effort, big vat was filled. Chen’s mother helped light a fire, flames raging water and slowly heat up.
burned water, new problems came up, I asked Ji Yu has not brought clothes, he said no.
this matter is more serious, wearing dirty clothes and how the line?
I bite the bullet again to Chen.
“Chen,” my tone better than last time more than doubled: “lend me clothes these days?”
Chen askance at me, wiping the sweat: “None.” went on firewood.
“do not need more than good,” I said: “short brown and can?.”
“no.” Chen said.
I looked at him, a deep breath. Turned around, I smiled Dan: “Dan, I have something to say with you.”
Dan a surprised: “what?”
I said: “When the morning before day out ……”
then began to say, beside “call” slamming wind sound, Chen had disappeared. Slightly hectares, his hand out two pieces of clothing from the room, flushed put clothes threw me angry and said: “! Take it take it.”
I took, smiled and said:. “Thank Chen”
Dan still asked me: “Do you say this morning when the day is not clear, how is it?”
extremely unnatural Chen’s face, threatening to stare at me, loudly Dan said: “??! what her dream fills you listen to Zuoshen”
Dan looked at me.
me smile: “it was a dream, just funny borne.” This puzzled
Dan nodded.
I turned to leave behind him came the voice of Dan asked; “? her dream to do what I do not know why you know why you’re different from me ……??”
Ji Yu Ge clothes look rough hands, and look in front of the bath house with wood erected.
I sip sip lips, said:. “public opinion here though primitive, but was very clean and tidy, everything you will.”
Ji Yu smiled: “I have used it more than just simple,.” He looked at me: “? you and, like them, also in this bath.”
I nodded: “Ran.”
Ji Yu and not far from the cottage look, it seems hesitated a moment, then asked: “? you and the man also were living in a house.”
I said: “Ran.” would be stopped, added:. “Yu, Chen is a good man, I decile room door, he never over ceremony of the move.”
Ji Yu nodded slightly, did not say anything, and turned into the bath lift the barrel room, shut Chaifei.
to him after washing out the way I looked at him, surprised a moment, then could not help but laugh.
with Ji Yu Chen stature than it seems worse One. Yu Ji wear short brown body, stickers affixed;? Also a bit short, higher than the ankle.
see Ji Yu Dan, but what blushed and looked at him intently, whispered to me sighed:. “Your husband also really good-looking man.”
slightly surprised me, look to Ji Yu. Under
carefully examine those clothes, though a bit smaller, but can not say no to fit his slender physique strong accentuates. His face also trimmed a lot, stubble gone, hair re-bundle again, look look good.
Ji Yu found that I was watching, looking over.
I smiled, walked up was going to speak, academics small road in front of the house came a voice.
looked and saw a few people walking towards us, one middle-aged man short stature, dressed crown clothing line to the front, to Ji Yu Yi Yi: “Xiao Chen in the slaughter, to welcome the brave ministers.”


Ji Yu float plane slightly surprised trace color, for a moment, Lianrong salute and said:. “in the slaughter.”
I looked at the side. Here slaughter I’ve seen, often in the patrol everywhere, Chen and Dan have him pointed out to me, but it was far from the only general impression.
in slaughter Gong Sheng said:. “Xiao Chen shallow rustic experience, unless there is a countryman had seen brave ministers, Xiao Chen almost rude.”
Ji Yu said: “Lane had killed my men seeking women from public opinion, not to inform, rude in public opinion..”
two polite about it, was killed at the sky, and asked: “? brave ministers today do not know whether it intends to stay.”
Ji Yu nodded: “must stay a few days.”
in slaughter asked: “I do not know to set up residence?”
Ji Yu see me, replied:. “not set”
in slaughter and said: “Xiao Chen homes in a vacuum chamber, is now occupied by cheap cheap interest bearing out did not return, brave ministers if not abandoned, can stay..”
Ji Yu thought and said:. “Thank you in slaughter intentions, but no place for my woman, yet to know the set.”
“? can continue to lodge in my house.” Then, I saw Chen walked over. He glanced glanced Ji Yu, said: “?.  lived here a long time, no need to change.”
Ji Yu looked at him, looking calm waves: “It is to live a long time, I have to disturb more than women, and then accounted for room door, in fact, wrong.”
“? Oh,” Chen was brought back corners of the mouth, looked at me and calmly said: “Jun remark is, of course, in the home, and the only in the slaughter and I can make an empty room, I wonder if the king wishes How? “
Ji Ning Yu eyebrows slightly, awaiting the opening, but sounded a voice next to me: “?  can live in my house.”
Yu Chen and Ji are all a moment.
Dan look at them, they look at me, it seems very happy: “I was very big sleeper, lying on two more than enough,  with me one good?.”
Ji Yu listened, look slow down.
Chen was staring her: “You do not love is not always paved with common people?”
Dan disagree, saying: “I am glad ?.” and look to Chen, wink: “? said Chen was not dirty, narrow kitchen room, you even do not like.”
Chen did not then face volatile. Long pause, he looked at her coldly said: “With you.” Stiff face turned away.
Dan looked at his back, his face stared.
“Thank Wuzi.” Ji Yu came to Dan Xie said.
Dan looked at him, blushing up and whispered:. “tiger, brave ministers do not hesitate.”
things set down, Dan immediately took me to her home.
I have nothing to take away the clothes is Dan, Ji Yu helped me to hold.
Chen’s mother knew I was unmarried woman Ji Yu, the surface was very disappointed to say crow took me a call, the tone was full of regret. Chen was a cold look, I told him goodbye, he was “ah” sound, nor reason Dan, and went straight into the house.
“?  ……” on the road, Dan hesitate to ask me: “You said Chen, but anger?”
“? anger,” I asked: “What is anger?”
Dan Staveley corner: “I do not know, but he that looks like mad at me.”
I turned to glance at Chen’s home, thinking for a moment, smiled: “Dan, no matter, you only need to be as still as in the past can always pestering him, he was more tight Chande better faster. “
Dan shocked: “Really?”
I am sure to say: “Really.”
Dan skeptical, slowly nodded.
Dan Chen’s home to be larger than the number, there are two huts. There is a large two-bedroom, Dan lived with her parents, she lived in another smaller Gesao. Dan led over the city and see a stranger, her parents were very surprised. Dan told them to do it again, they have no objection, smiling to let Dan take me into the house.
into Dan’s room and saw the inside light is not good, a grass paved bed took up most of the space, the rest of the place stood a suitcase and mats.
“I was young, and two sisters live in one, and now her two married, this little room was given to me.” Dan said.
I understood, look at that bed, so large, sleeping three people really not a problem.
Dan sat on the bed, his face looked comfortable I laughed: “? , your husband really great guy.”
I look at her: “How come?”
Dan did not answer, look mysterious. After a while, she said: “You two, although not married, but then your husband has called you, ‘I women’, nice.” Then, Knut mouth: “Do not like Chen, others with him talking about me Two marriage, he always smiled. “
I smiled.
Yu Ji call me “my woman”, I also was surprised a little, but nothing to call, and he does not feel disgusted, no what to say to him. But now think of it, their own problems that had long been thinking went, and own Ji Yu in the end is what it feels like?
I can not help some palpitation. All along, I always feel that their feelings are very easy to figure out. Like Xie, I am very sure that I like him, then I know I can not break him down. Ji Yu can do? I’ve always said he did not hate him, he is willing to accept that now?
soft heart. Indeed, as I have done a lot of Yu Ji, say moving is impossible, but it seems kind of mood are not touched. Just at that moment in Iraq waterside reunion, himself, had wholeheartedly want him, looked at him in front of the open heart seems to be the same ……
outside someone said something out loud, Dan shall be a cry, and said to me:. “My mother wants us faster, without rendering in slaughter wait a long time.”
I nodded, with her out.
saw Dan’s parents are accompanied Ji Yu and Yizai standing under the shade of trees.
see me, Ji Yu came and asked: “? packed up.”
burning sun, I nodded, thought he looked up, his eyes did not consciously Piaoxiang elsewhere.
time, where Ji Yu Jae smiles please go to his house, Ji Yu promised. Dan’s mother wanted her to Mulberry, can not accompany me, three of them left Dan’s home, walked along the road.
in the slaughter house with Dan’s house a few pieces of farmland drains across the river, and not far.
contrast, in slaughter houses, although only one, but many spacious.

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Briquettes made of black eyes, half a carrot nose ……

wind Lingyan hearts suddenly jump, gazing looked for a moment, slowly walked up.


afternoon or in the evening as well.

eye deep underground, it seems to touch hot ……

a finger at him poke a snowman stamp,cheap ugg boors.

Unsurprisingly, it really has been frozen into a snowman lump of ice and frozen earth together.

“he heap?”

answer is almost ready to come out.

He also came to this inn?

He piled the snowman here is what does this mean,cheap uggs?

told me that he had got?

with his shrewd, should know that I’m here, right?

since we know that I’m here, why do not you come see me?

or said what he had another idea?

parades around her heart like a potter’s wheel, many questions come to mind.

a heart puff wildly, can not tell what it feels like.

“Ga!” Li duck shouted loudly, parked on the snowman’s head.

white claws dig a plane, no plane under a snow particles.

It surprised eyes flashed like beans,uggs outlet. Did not give up and planing ……

came out, the bird began as an ordinary bird, refused to speak again.

wind Ling cigarettes to tap its head: “Well, do not dig up your paws worn..”

looked up to see Kazama January glass standing not far away.

hands folded arms, his face seems to be no expression Chun, a pair of eyes on the snowman also Ningzhu, eye deep underground, it seems to touch hot ……

wind Lingyan mind a move, does he see any clues here?

smiled and stepped forward: “Month glass, you also like to make a snowman?”

wind between January glass shook his head, his eyes on the snowman and then swept away, faint authentic: “do not like.”

answered very cleanly.

not like you staring fierce look? Wind Lingyan glanced at him.

glass eyes finally Kazama month away from the snowman body, spit out the words to make a comment: “master.”

turned and walked forward.

great beauty

“What master? snowmen master, or martial arts master?”

wind Ling cigarettes and his line side by side. Want to listen to his advice.

wind between January and closed mouth as tight as a clam.

do not reveal the word.

came across the yard in front of the hall.

hall Zhuoyibandeng lot, eat a lot of people.

duo found a table by the window to sit down,

because it is breakfast, then a few points of light more.

just eat a few bites, fleeting shadows the door, come in a few people.

led by a girl wearing a head Shamao, see how the face.

but look slim figure, posture romantic, it should be a great beauty.

several others like retainers nursing homes ilk, such as Zhongxingpengyue surrounded the girl came.

small two early to meet her, gallantly want to let the girl into the lounge.

The woman shook his head slightly, faint authentic: “Just stop in the hall.”

find a table to sit down, away from the wind Ling smoke two pretty far.

wind Ling cigarettes hear her voice slightly stiff!

this sounds somewhat familiar, such as where to have heard the same.

think she frowned, looking somewhat surprised.

really strange, her memory has been excellent, even met her, she can quickly remember, can recall the name when we meet again.

for the woman, but she can not remember any case where heard.

and glanced at the woman behind the guards, watching to see body stature almost all of them are experts.

this woman’s family is certainly extraordinary. We should be the daughter of his ilk.

we should not stay on the Xiulou daughter do? Mountebank like it is pretty rare.

wind Ling smoke began to take the woman although a little strange, but she does not like always eventful.

as long as there is no prejudice to her, how it would be someone else and not her.

you just call it drunk birds

dishes in front of the very rich woman.

attendants served a jug of wine, took out a white cup, poured the wine.

This wine is poured
just a full hall have smelled a faint ray of wine.

Gan Lie wine, soft long and ……

others not how, a pair of bean big duck Li Yan Zheng slipped a small circle in the wind Lingyan shoulder kept jumping?.

helplessly watched the woman’s glass ……

wind Ling rubbed his forehead smoke quite a headache.

only Li duck is broken only drink more birds, and she knew from yesterday.

now see it exposed so hurry to see the appearance of a pair of alcoholic wine, they know it’s alcoholism has committed.

waving summoned man, on a pot of wine.

poured a cup, even the cup with wine readily thrown backwards.

Cup drew an arc flying, Li slammed a duck call, shadow flash, mouth Diao positive, contented jump back to the wind Lingyan shoulders, neck, a belief, Gululu drank it.

and dangling from the cup on the table, tilted his head and looked at the wind Ling cigarettes.

seems to be saying. Wine! Another drink!

other inn guests are shocked by this scene.

many eyes it seems to her at this table.

she had enough at this table trick the eye, which erupted into the much more the focus of attention.

watching handsome, but also to see the griffin’s.

there is to see her a few of the little beauty ……

smoke and wind Ling Palace when submerged street together already accustomed to the much-anticipated, so in this case did not feel.

palms stretched out like white jade duck pat on the beat Li: “broken bird, a bird you simply called an alcoholic, right?!”

poured a cup of backward toss.

Not surprisingly, Li duck one swoop grabs.

how can one just to mention a total break with the bird on

Not surprisingly, Li duck one swoop grabs,

title back standing on her shoulders, Cuckoo’s very proud of.

wind Ling cigarettes also play Rise: “broken birds to eat a meatball.”

she would throw glasses, one will throw balls, one will throw small fish.

Li ducks are all caught, and ate and drank in is very joyous.

“, I also send you a glass of wine.”

a sweet voice sounded.

fly over a white cup, the cup of wine slightly amber waves.

Li duck eyes like black beans turn a turn, parked on the shoulder of the wind does not move Lingyan place.


white cup fell to the ground, and fell to pieces.

wine spilled all over the floor, the wine is more intense.

There are moments of tranquility within

jade suet jade cup is to spend a good, valuable. So smashed to pieces too distressed.

The woman froze for a moment, crape cover not see how the face, only to see a pair of white jade-like hands slightly clenched.

A maid who look like
behind her shouted: “Good one ungrateful bird, lady kindly give you my house wine, so you dare!”

fingers of a bomb, a wisp of breeze towards Li duck shoot.

micro wind Ling cigarettes a frown, sleeves Yifu, she readily Nalv breeze into the invisible.

her smiling at Naya Huan: “Miss your home is a bird?”

that maid face changed: “Nonsense, I miss home very noble identity, how can the same just to mention a total break with the bird on!?!”

wind Lingyan small Zuiyi Pie, faint smile: “If your house is not a lady bird, a bird that how and general knowledge?”

“……” That word blocked by her maid, a Qiaolian hold the red: “You …… you …… you bold ……”

wind Ling smoke leisurely smile: “I have always been bold, do not you know?”


this today, we feel that men and how? Or let him do the male host?

ha ha ha. Anyway, where the operator where Wood is written, everyone express their views. Which is the male is still unknown …… to see the attitude of most people.

legendary Bird ah!

patted Li duck bird head: “Good bird, that you only spineless or a bird I did not call you after the break bird..”

Li Ga duck a cry, an upward, rather triumphantly.

estimates that were maid never been so thoroughly neglected too, angrily: “bold girl who, you know who Miss My home is right she is ……?!”

she was going to reveal their identity themselves act recklessly Miss earthquake startled the little girl.

The woman faint opening: “cloud tea, step down.”

her voice very cold, its own kind of majesty.

maid that really does not talk, angrily withdrew.

wind Ling cigarettes do not see her, but also know the lady looked himself up and down.

does not care, the point about Lebanon duck beak: “good bird, you see, the identity of the people in the light of it I am afraid of you, ah, you are afraid.?”

afraid of her mouth said, but the look of fear, where the meaning of a cent.

Li duck standing on her shoulders, shaking his head like a rattle. Indicates that it is not afraid.

hall almost all eyes are staring at the two tables of their movement.

see only look inconspicuous bird hide feverish can understand everyone curious.

speculation Li duck species.

“Li duck! This is Li duck! Bird Li duck!”

finally have one know what is called out.

sounds like cramps, showing extremely excited.

all the people, all eyes widened shoulders, watching the wind Ling smoke quite cocky bird bird.

Bird, this is Bird ah.

legendary Bird ah!

and other idlers, but can not see ……

“! popping” a shot in the drafts of wind Ling cigarettes on the table: “The little girl, only Li duck lady I bought a home.”

wind Xu Xu Ling glanced smoke, it is a national general drafts denomination is one hundred and two thousand.

one million, you sale?

drafts embedded in the table, apparently shot drafts of internal forces were using hand ……

“do not sell!” Wind Ling cigarettes without looking up, continue to eat.

“plus one hundred thousand.”

that Ming Shiwei indomitable. Previous drafts and beat on the table.

wind Ling bird he simply did not smoke.

finger was slightly clenched under the table.

poor to duck an aim of Lebanon.

no ears! Jingui only break even birds than their ……

value of two hundred and two thousand actually a ……

“Little girl, you the best offer.”

Miss Gao Guide
who finally spoke.

sound like oriole as nice. But also very proud.

side head wind Ling cigarettes look at her, smiled and stretched out a finger.

“one million?” That lady silk sound surprised.

but gently smiled: “one million on one million.”

out from the sleeves of a stack of drafts, the number does not count, handed over.

wind Ling smoke gently sighed: “The lady shot really generous but I’m not talking about one million is a million..”

Qingqingyipai hands on the table, inlaid in those two drafts will be on the table jumped up out of thin air.

she readily pick up with your fingers: “There is no ten million words, both Zhang tickets also invited the girl to take it back ……”

word yet she did not finish, his face suddenly changed slightly.

eye Ningzhu drafts on the back of one of them.

goes drafts and other drafts in fact no difference, only in a small corner drafts drew a small five-petal peach.

drafts of this color is pale pink, pale pink that also peach.

not looking absolutely can not see.

but has seen the wind Ling cigarettes.

because without it, because this was once her drafts.

She was very happy, then on his first two drafts drawn hundreds of thousands of a peach.

painters clumsy, natural gauche, gave the impression she left quite deep.

nobody would go against with silver

drafts later this palace has been submerged street to extort back, but also let her depressed for a long time.

now she finally saw it, it was another woman who ……

heart suddenly flies like a swallow, can not say uncomfortable -

“how? girl, as long as you promise, the 5.2 million taels is all yours. mention what 10,002,000 angry words.” lady opening voice has a touch of sarcasm wire .

Well, she wants yet not get the hand.

nobody would go against with silver.

1,002,000 silver, enough for a rich family life spending ……

look at this little girl’s dress, should belong to the people on the middle, is not customizable.

but from tailors bought ……

heard Li duck if not magical, she would not pay big bucks to buy it.

After all, these silver
her brother used to do great things, not to buy a bird play ……

“smoke wind Ling smiled:” 1002000 money you will buy it a Torike, but also that it is not willing to give you care. “

playing a little Li duck’s head: “broken bird, 1,002,000 buy you a Torike you for sale?”

Li duck shaking his head like a rattle.

joke, love it Torike such as life, it should neither eat nor drink that money to do what?

“Well, as you can see. Bird reluctant to give you a break.’s not I do not sell.”

wind Ling said so a leisurely smoke, looked at the glass Kazama month: “? Monthly glass, no I do not want you to eat here and the unrelated people busy Keya”

turned it away.

“Hey, girl, you do not know anyhow …… catch up with her ……”

shouting lady’s maid, a hula all the guards would chase the past.

“Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof!”

footsteps of those guards suddenly paused, looked in disbelief at the foot,

everyone on their shoes, a white jade pieces are pinned.

gates of fire, adverse impacts it only Bird ……

debris deep inside the shoes, barely crucify their feet!

these people to see clearly, this jade pieces in black son is the one who shot out of hand,

even – he did not look back!

just play the wave of the sleeves.

What a strange martial arts? !

Some people have good eyes, and finally saw him just on the side of the table machete,

Di Hu up: “outer knife – he is the outer knife ……”

the name like a curse, so that the mere mention of these guards aghast before and then not further ……

wind Ling cigarettes go quickly, after that, when the snowman, cold smile, kick it kick.

this kick with her strength is not small, ice lump

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Road up! “

four weeks no longer sound.

They all do not speak, with only their ups and downs breathing.

sup calm down a little, to ease some of the tone, opening said:? “, I is not marry together the ginger, you married to the mother country and the countries will send Maid Accompanying, independent professionals of things, in fact, not to, you can understand ? “

heart burst sour, I forced back tears, said stubbornly: “?.  always understand.”

sup lips pinched face slightly pale, Mouguang complex watching me.

long time, he floated a trace of self-deprecating, long a sigh, said: “worth mentioning that when you and I Luo waterside covenant, if you mind saying before, since when I married.” Then he looked at me sternly and said : “, non-trifling matter of marriage,  when carefully considered, after five days, I come circlet, that time, no matter how  mind, Xie parent would do so???.”

I did not speak.

He looked at me deeply, and turned to leave.

sup figure hurried out of sight, I still stood there, motionless.

just as strong sup leave vanished, I felt weak, sliding door and sat down on the ground. A misty eyes, the tears welling, drip wet skirt.

I think they well prepared to face all possible variables, all of this really did not want to come, so it’s sad actually destroy the reins.

Thunder in Growl, in court after high winds blew the clouds, Feishazoushi, surrounded by trees being violently shaken, rushing sound. I dragged the heavy pace, out of the bell chamber, slowly through the atrium.

clothes were blown muster, Huanpei rattled rattling, long sleeves in the wind whipped up and down.

Looking back, the bell chamber hidden in the darkness, Xie Zi words echo.

“?, I is not married Qi Jiang, you married to the mother country and the countries will send Maid Accompanying, independent professionals of things, in fact, not to, you can understand?”

I suddenly felt very grim place, and never want to be, suddenly turned around, walked out of the palace, and ran toward the residence.

“meaning of marriage is to repair surname of good things on the ancestral temple, under the following generations, how can for the affair about?”

“Boom!” muffled thunder exploded on a ridge, stunned and scarred forest birds fly.

“Jin Hou marriage in the future, will have a lot of side room, even if you love him as hard as gold, but also when one of her daughters.”

behind was a rustle, beans big rain beat down a one way gradually into an even, thick to hit my face and body.

“after married women, remaining life, but the Department of husband, kindness if there is a change, ? when how?”

scratch rain poured down, in front of the white, I kept one foot high kick forward lowland running, long hair and clothes drenched,cheap uggs, tightly close, his teeth chattering with cold stop.

“male or female?!” Temple person at the palace holding hygrophila hurriedly ran, stand in my head, I will be supporting the palace interior.

hubbub around him, I woodenly at the ground, by the mercy of them.

dizziness dusky, eyes gradually blurred.

darkness hit, all sounds are silence, with only the mother’s voice in the ear faint sigh:

“?, you see, this is the marriage, no matter how your mind, the final outcome is the same.”

text Jie Yi (on)

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awoke, the room lights flickering, already evening.
Temple next person
Gum eyes to see me, his face lighted up, kept and remembered Thankfully, help me up, people end runoff and food, let me drink a lot? soup.

head hair in waves still heavy, and I want to block Temple forward who delivered food Gum hand, shook his head.

lie down again soon, Wang Ji Yuan heard the news, look at me before.

after “When I came back, the public has not heard the door woman fell ill, exceedingly surprised, in the afternoon at the bell chamber male female still alive, how you have not seen for a long time became airs?” greetings about it, she was concerned ask me.

I’m pulling the corners of the mouth, said: “?.  to Zongzhou ago dyed small ailments, caused by exposure to cold rain this is about.”

Wang Ji Yuan nodded, still puzzled: “Why is not the public female bell chamber to be heavy rain in the past to come back?”

me bitter smile, said: “?  halfway rains do not know.”

Wang Ji Yuan looked at me sympathetically, sighing loudly: “Recently the situation unpredictable, male female go out again, caution is required.” Then she suddenly lit up, revealing a mysterious smile, Pingtui about me said: “I will wait sent someone told you ailing things loom and the New Komeito, let him pass two books to marquises, how?”

hear “marquises” word, I’m surprised a moment, the pain again attack on the heart. Stared at the bed of bright red paint flow moire case hidden, silent.

Wang Ji Yuan looked at me, smiled and continued:. “male female, why shy, marquises, if that,uggs outlet, maybe you will be back to explore circlet”

I look to her, gently shook his head and said to her: “? Thank you Heidi kindness, marquises in Beijing in busy,  however minor ailments, do not disturb him.”

“minor ailments?” Wang Ji Yuan puzzled gaze thoughtfully, but still a little one nodded. Then she and I chatted a few, say hinder me to rest, then got up and left.

I lay in bed, will be looking at the canopy.

day clock room scenes, sup painful eyes, Jingnu face, earnest words, one by one come to mind. Heart torn general pain, the tears start coming out again, along the hairline soaked eyes.

pillow hand dropping to go,cheap ugg boors, phoenix-shaped wear slightly cold, quietly lying there.

I remove it, the dim light, I saw it as always smooth flawless, I’ll hold it tightly, attached to the chest. Chest bitter bursts, sup, this is you and me ending?

“monarchy ……”

me back to God, I saw Temple Gum do not know when people came in, I hesitate to call in the side.

grabbing grabbing the expression plane, I turned backwards towards the inside, said: “? anything.”

“Paul Yoo’s something to see, being outside.”

Paul’s Yoo?

I replied:. “know” supporting sat up, let people Gum fetched a basin of cold water temple, wash my face, full instrumentation, please let her come in Paul’s Yoo.

“Today Empress messenger came from King City, said Meng Si Jie 伯小君 To be fair woman.” After some greetings, Paul’s Yoo said to me.

Jie Bo Xiaojun Meng Si? I thought, suddenly, not exactly Yan!

mother gave me a letter read Yan, Jie mentioned above, is her husband’s fief.

me busy replied: “Dear Snow, I do not know Xiaojun now?”

Paul’s Yoo said: “Xiaojun pregnant body, being Jie recuperate, inconvenient trek, women must travel to the public, starting early in the morning, the evening can to.”

I thought, nodded and said: “? multi 谢保氏 say so,  go tomorrow,”

Paul’s Yoo said: “So, this woman minister to arrange driving them.”

I bow Xie said: “There’s labor.”

Paul’s Yuri smiled and said: “Public Female polite, Empress exhortations minister since when women are rescued.” Then, salute back out.

Temple who came Gum, a look of concern said: “? monarch square ailing bedridden today, how can travel.”

I lay back on the bed, watching the hands of the phoenix-shaped Perry, said: “?. anyway, just my dose of soup, I feel much better, rest on a night when there is no serious problem.”

I just thought, came back sup 25, these days I left the circlet, a change of scenery, maybe adjust the mood, he can calm down and think carefully ……

Temple, who insisted Gum see me go, desperation, had to pack up.

head still some heavy, and want a lot of things, sleepy swept. I closed my eyes and fell asleep, a night without dreams.

dawn, still dark misty, people in the temple to the room I wake Gum, said people have been driving to the Royal, is waiting outside the palace. Some body seems relaxed than yesterday, and I out of bed, wash clothes, used after some meals, and a temple to the palace together people Gum, boarding away.

days just before dawn, dawn early light. The car slowly forward, surrounded by quiet, only wooden wheels rolling on a dense rustle pavement.
I put aside the curtain
car, cool morning breeze whisk to face, with a little moisture and vegetation fragrance, refreshing. I am a deep breath, feel refreshed, simply roll up the car curtain, sit out and breathable.
Under the tall trees on both sides of the lush
, half out of the sky, a faint black, looked, it seems unfathomable.

a slight distance, “da da” sound, I listen carefully, it seems someone in the riding. After a while, the sound is clear and is no longer mixed together resounds with the sound of horses, gradually clear.

hoofs getting closer, I forward view, an end of the road riding a figure appeared, breaking the thin morning mist, the positive side to the rapid relaxation.

“posture so vigorous, must be a good horse.” imperial people exclaim.

I am curious to look that riding troops, under the morning light, black coat horse hooves wind, one person immediately Xuanyi, carrying bows and arrows, handsome physique, looks somewhat familiar.

in closer to him, I look closely, it is Ji Yu.

his horse galloped forward, seeing the carriage to pass. Then, his eyes slightly swept to the side, and I called face to face.

only heard Changsi, Ji Yu suddenly reined reins, horse forepaw raised high, and two steps forward slowly, firmly stopped.

I am slightly surprised a moment, then commanded the imperial person parking.
Yu Ji horse before
her car, looked at me in surprise: “? public woman” breath some breath, sweaty forehead and temples shimmering.

I bow a ceremony: “brave ministers.”

His Imperial and the horses look, asked me: “? did not put out at this day, what women go public.”

I said: “ Jie visits to my sister?.”

“CJ?” Ji Yu Ningzhu eyes, thought a moment and said: “? But Bureaucrats  z fief”

I said: “It is.”

Ji Yu nodded, paused for a moment, then asked: “? Male Female But going to live long.”

I replied: “Not long to live, at most 25 that back.”

Then he snapped crotch horse nose, dig the plane hoof.

direction when I looked at him and asked: “? brave ministers, but in their way.”

Ji Yu looked at me, slightly float smile, said:. “Definitely, the daily habit of getting up early to practice shooting Yu Yu”

“I see.” I glance Road.

They sometimes without words.

day I look, I saw has slowly put bright, I thought not to talk to him to leave?

Ji Yu seems to have realized my intentions, like look a gift horse in the immediately owe bow, said: “This is going Jie, a whole day trip, the hour is late, the way women take care of the public.”

I faint smile, salute and said:? “and today Nice to meet you brave ministers,  this leave.”

Ji Yu gently nodded.

Royal person Swagger sounds, the carriage drove continue forward.

traveling for a day trip, on the road, I saw undulating terrain, when there are mountains standing majestically.

dusk, people driving through a border of royal forests, vast fields and saw the other end, a vision appeared in the cities.

“male female, front is Jie.” Royal humanity.

“Oh ……” I’m from afar, I feel that smaller cities than Yongqiu many.

carriage along the long road through the countryside, passing through several small villages, straight into the city, in front of a tall house stopped.

Temple Gum help people get off me, I saw a few retainers handmaids already waiting at the door. A gray-haired woman smiling came to me salute, said: “The old woman met the monarch.”

I Chanqi her, the old lady smiled and said:. “monarch promised not remember, the old woman has been Xiaojun paternity Tim, when then leave the country, the monarch or child care,” said, smiling along with the crowd, Inside the residence led me toward the door.

house, this place is not large, immaculate. Quarters walked through the classroom door, I saw two young women sitting there, standing next few maids, come see me, all eyes looked curiously cast.

‘s first one-person superior clothing, Mianhanweixiao to see me.

I lengleleng, that familiar face repeat itself, just like a woman version of the mother.

“monarchy, that is Xiaojun.” paternity Farm next to me whispered cautioned.

me back to God, slowly walked up to the young woman to whom salute, said: “?.  seen Xiaojun”

text Jie Yi (under)

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“. my sister,” Yan got in return, sounded lighted walked in front of me, pulling my hand, smiled and said: “? way around, it may be extremely tired,” her head and I almost high abundance tired ruddy eyebrows and the mother of cultivation long, laughing look good.

I smiled and said: “?. Xie Xiaojun care, smooth roads,  and feel tired.”

“? Xiaojun,” Yan slightly surprised, light laugh: “? you my fellow sisters, why so uncommunicative.”

I smile, call:. “Azi”

Yan gently nodded, looked at me, looked carefully up and down, smiling exclaimed:? “ actually have grown up a year when I want to get married, you still chirp little children learn language, and now the sound of ‘Azi’. , was actually the first time to hear. “said, his face the color of emotion, smiling, took me to the gallery to sit down.
, another young woman being looked at me, plain dress and Yan compared to many, face delicate, but some skinny, hung a stiff smile.

Yan looked at her, smiled and asked me: “??  can still remember  ”

have already faint expect, she was real, I assure   salute and said:. “sister”

“sister.”   busy up and salute, sound thin.

Yan look indifferent, until I sat down again, also the current situation, I asked the father and mother.

my detailed answer, by the way a bit   mother, that I saw her a few times recently, the color is good.

Yan nodded and told retainers goes to meals, entertain my meal;   then exposed look of joy, gratitude and looked at me.

I find the relationship between Yan and   with her mother and 叔姬 like.

Yan on   speak, she just said the word “ru”, while also claiming   ‘concubine women’. Think of the Qi State, the palace Maid Accompanying women  ╂ including penalties, including Chen Gui, there will be several privately “Sisters” screamed friendly people;? Mother is not the same, she’s quite proud wife had Although others look and color, but never with anyone commensurate with the sisters, even the most dense Shuji relationship is true.

  not speak, opening almost every time is to go along with Yan, do not often laugh, his eyes glanced total there to Yan, seems to see his face. Servants from around the attitude and her clothing point of view,   seemed to be a better life than Shuji, but it is exactly the same look respectful.

Yan got really is the mother of the true mass.

“mother.” positive dining-room, a tender voice sounded at the door.

I looked and saw a small round head, wearing a crooked angular, being curious church next to us around.

Yan stopped his spoon dagger, smiled and waved at her, softly: “Hui, come.”

that children grinned, bounce and ran around Yan, the Wuliu Liu’s eyes kept looking at me.

Yan stroking her pink face, pointed me to say:. “Hui, salute called Aunt”

“aunt.” Hui behaved

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A man waved a sudden far in the sea, this is not a high-odd it? ! How he will appear in the water at more than a dozen years away from his far away? !
original holding high the only Hawaii odd, very odd strong endurance, and high-odd entangled in the bottom after a few minutes and found a high throw off odd, and he changed the way the collision straight red seaweed underwater reef, then Gauci stubborn temper up, killing him not to let go, the way to go about half an hour, and finally Hawaii power to do and die.
Gauci waited for a determined Hawaii is really hung up only after exhausting let go floating in the sea big mouth breathing, and other respiratory and finally after a smooth, looked around found that he did not know where they were dragged Hawaii , have not see the sand around the old man, the rope would have ripped the waist in just misfortune, and had obediently stay in place, such as sand the old man came to him.
sand gall looked surprised scarred Gauci said: “Young Aberdeen, you in the end is what happened, and how will into something like this?”
Gauci told the sand intact gallbladder, but withheld his endless energy state, saying only that he stumbled on was brought here.
sand gall more amazing, said: “There is such a thing, the piece of Hawaii it!”
Gauci replied: “I do not know that it is not Bluetooth, maybe just another fish only, it is now on my feet underwater.”
sand gall conceal lighted said: “Get out it pulled me see not, or I go with you good!.”
“thump” sound, sand bile also jumped into the water, as if the fish is generally drilled at the foot Gauci, Gauci also go in a deep breath.
water faint red is gone, Gauci saw the old man seemed extremely pleased with sand clinging to Hawaii Zhi Huang. More to him make a gesture, which means that only Hawaii to pull the boat.
Gauci and sand guts went to great lengths to pull these boats son of Hawaii, and lift it out only to find a huge fish really is unexpected, fish accounted for almost two-thirds for boats place.
Gauci sand gall quirky look at his face and said: “Sand the old man, you see, this is not a Bluetooth?” hope not spent so much effort is futile and found joy.
sand gall to wink Gauci said: “This is not Bluetooth, what will be!”
Gauci puzzled and said: “But the color and size ┅ ┅”
sand overturned guts laughing, with her laughter energy vibrations in the sea, as if to send the child to be so excited heart.
He grabbed frown Gauci cried: “mixed kid, called” Neptune “is the number of Bluetooth After a decade of growth in order to grow into the appearance of sharp teeth you look at it, that is how much prey in its mouth mill. as, in particular, this root crystal clear aquamarine, aquamarine this is the best ah! decades I have seen the biggest Neptune has only three feet, a full five feet more than this one, really make shocked it! “
this “Neptune” head kyanite texture clear and free of impurities in the slightest, the market is quite rare and extremely valuable.
Gauci frown smile: “Fortunately, or I may hurt this body does not pay up.”
Gauci just did not feel anything in the water, the boat now to just feel the wound malaise, behind hemp touches less pain, but he now finds the spirit of a let down, the loss of strength and slowly, gradually blurred the immediate scene.
sand gall excitement is over only to find Gauci look strange, quickly said: “Hey, kid, you may have insisted, I can not help you rule.”
sand guts no formal education, but also for the healing of the ordinary knowledge of it.
Gauci weak smile,cheap uggs, sand gall found the situation wrong, shipped quickly enough to force the child pushed the boat toward the port straight.
Gauci Lake and confused thinking, and finally through the game, but he still has not heard Jen’s advice, he knew, he would certainly waited a long time to read on.
front of a black, fainted.

~ Chapter III? Night Visitors ~

Gauci drifted between indistinct, as if back to childhood or time.
then Gauci must get up early in the morning practice, practice because his father always said base building must begin sooner the better, so there are memories from high odd fight started, he was responsible for his father, Professor basic methods.
Sophie Chang Dai-time or a small staff, and occasionally will return home,cheap ugg boors, but also the way to guide him, but he practiced but Dai aunt iron discipline, so He was very reluctant to practice, but often the last resort will be to stay in bed get up, his mother always cooked a delicious breakfast, came to the bedside Gauci gentle coaxing him to get up.
father’s voice crying in the living room, Dai aunt slightly high-pitched voice and a sweet tired tired mother and unlimited soft voice, woven into the hearts of the most memorable high-odd sight,uggs outlet, it was his happiest period of their lives. Weak relationship because of injuries, some of which had not remembered the old stories for a long time, like the edges slightly yellowed diary, and a recall of the wind is a flip. between
drowsily opened his eyes, a faint light streaming into the dough by the window, facing the door Gauci, indoor dark dark, blankets and pillows are filled with a sun drying had a good smell it, that Gauci is to make the familiar fresh scent unlimited.
door was slowly opened, one wearing a pink dress scarf around clean woman came in with savory foods taste so high you could not tell in the odd dream or in reality. The girl sat lightly edge of the bed, her high anecdote to that familiar smell of lavender, it is often the mother on her apron pocket a small taste of dried lavender, that faint scent deeply touched high Odd precipitate the deepest in memory of sweet dreams, aspirations had vaguely hoping for.
Gauci could not shadow on the TV drama exclaimed: “Mommy, is the milk?”
the woman said softly: “You awake!”
food she will be placed on the end of a short cabinet bedside.
Gauci hear that warm voice like mother, like a dream and reality are combined, reddish eyes hissed: “Mommy, why do you want to leave milk Lamma odd one, Lamma odd so lonely Oh!”
pair of hands circled Gauci dough and gently stroked the hair Gauci and infinitely gentle comfort Gauci said: “! poor child, you have suffered a lot of it.”
Gauci although I think this “mommy” voice a little change, but the emotional care that he did not go, like a pair of like a mother’s hand gently smooth high-odd years of depressed.
although Gauci surface is always a free and easy way, but in fact he was, after all, is also just a ten-year-old big kid.
year Gauci’s parents are forced to leave though, but the high odd psychological resentment is inevitable, long backlog of depression, and did not disappear with the passage of time, but a little bit more hidden deep in the heart.
in the process of growing, although Dai aunt giving him food and clothing is no shortage of care, but Dai aunt, after all, adults have their own life and the world, there is no way to completely replace his parents, so Gauci was brought performance than the other Also comes with the precocious age, but also a lot of silence.
many things he was aware of keeping everything, no suitable object can talk, he gradually built a high wall of the heart, from the fragile buried himself for anything to show care for the joy looks like, until this moment, he realized that feeling that he did not disappear from buried, just hide the deeper.
Gauci how I wish this moment could continue forever.
sand gall big voice hoarse but why pick this time appeared in the doorway, he shouted: “!! Hey, young man that did not wake up, the old man still have things to ask him too.”
沙芷 Jun slightly blame authentic: “Grandpa, you do not know the patient Gauci also so loud you want scary ah?!”
Gauci heart already felt faint in front of this young woman was not his mother, but not his own emotional moment.
his name looks towards this beautiful girl Xie said: “Although this wake up soon, but thank milk gives me a little glimmer of hope.”
everyone already has abandoned his parents, the government after a lengthy search and senseless waste of human and material resources, early cessation of all search and rescue operations, how to let Sophie Zhang Qi Dai and high requirements of government agencies is always the name of careless eyes, pleading insufficient administrative resources, can not be “more than the rest” of the rescue operation, and high-Chang Dai Qi Han soft heart.
like the original unit is how seriously the government’s aerospace operations, the name of the package ticket said no problem, how many friends and relatives who came to congratulate congratulations officials, but after what happened, but no one is willing to be responsible for government agencies, and even relatives seemed suddenly a lot less, if not Dai aunt was already financially capable, with how a child can face after he lost his parents being of human reality. Sophie Chang Dai
so-called hate government, but also the federal Gauci began to have doubts. Gauci secretly sworn in mind, no matter how long it takes time, one day, he will go back to his parents. Is for this reason that Gauci gave up on him more suited to the elements of the Department, and the choice of control systems group.
because Los ub Federation, way more emphasis on elements of the Department of Technical administrative in nature, even if his performance in the element system extremely well, but in the career choice, he might only be selected into the Institute as a research Fellow Work.
control group, though more difficult, but after graduation he can choose to enter the aerospace development center, although he may not be able to serve as an astronaut office, but at least have the opportunity to get close to their parents the news.
sand gall lit lights, down lights and glare, high-odd squint squint eyes, the original was dark, is not coming through the window in the morning twilight, but the moonlight.
biliary sand: “Milk Look, this guy is not very good, then a little hurt, so what’s to worry about I remember when I was young, I did not received any injury ┅ ┅.”
沙芷 Jun wrinkly pair of eyebrows and said: “Grandpa, high odd that a sharp reef back, but came close to pierce the lungs, if not immediate rescue properly, already dead and you this referee. is how when, actually let a child alone in a big face “Neptune” Grandpa you really, ai! “
sand filled bile seems afraid of this granddaughter, submissive evasively: “I ┅ ┅ either not opening the eyes of a few kid, which would be something like this.”
Gauci looked carefully Shazhi monarch, she probably large odd teenage high bar, full difficult to judge.
in the dim twilight just felt like this 沙芷 Jun quite beautiful, the lights after a closer look, people often say too white, stare and colorful probably like this, is really a real The great beauty.
unusual is that, while she wearing unusual clothes at home, but conceal her gentle Xianshu elegance, even in the curse, but also seems to make people think that look extremely comfortable.
and sand askew thin black bile actually did a little stooped appearance likeness.
sand gall see Gauci secretly laughing, pointing to his nose and said: “!! brats dare laugh at me, Zaozhidaojiu not save you, dare to laugh.”
Gauci quickly waved for mercy, not accidentally affect the wound, the pain of a face.
沙芷 Jun Hengsha gall glance, turned his head toward Gauci said softly: “Gauci, there is no where you feel uncomfortable, with 芷君 said Tuesday.”
high sand guts just odd when sent home, 沙芷 monarch simply terrified, not only with large and small wounds on limbs, was hit in the back reef almost completely, is one of the most serious cross into a rock at the bottom of the scapula through the body into the room, if the dark on a bit, but even she can not do anything to save.
Gauci took a deep breath, depending on what the body of the function, shook his head and said: “No, except for the back will be aching, but nothing serious has been the.”
sand gall face proudly say: “That, of course, you’ve got to be the city’s geniuses Blue Ocean healing, there will be a problem if even she can not be saved back to you, I’m pretty sure no one in the Western Hemisphere look to doctors to restore your little life! “
Shazhi Jun embarrassed cried: “Grandpa!”
沙芷 Blue Sea Eagle is a doctor in a small town clinic in received full medical education after graduating from top universities in federal successfully obtain medical professional license in the most advanced medical centers to be a few years.
Today, young age she already is a national medical authority, should have been served in the post of head of the National Medical Center, but not with the high-level concepts and, as well as because of the many provisions of the restraint system, she decided to resign seeking to go, Push to many large hospitals and government units to attract back to the Blue Ocean City opened a small clinic.
her medicine while accepting the most advanced education, but it is fundamentally pro-sand grandmother. Sand grandmother’s maiden famous geniuses in the federal family, since several generations have been enjoyed great reputation in the Federation, especially in the sand grandmother this generation, it is more than blue excel not only created many miracles in medicine, more Medical technology in the footsteps of mankind is more a big step forward.
such a good talented woman, was hit by the rough sand gall pride, they do not 顾家世 gap pressure fell in love, then one thing people can also relish.
and 沙芷 monarch appeared to her childhood in the medical aspects of long-only and very abundant love, get sand granny purse granted, is the goal of idols and admire the blue ocean city youth.
sand guts exposed helpless look, said: “Ai ~ 女大不中留 see handsome young man, the heart would favor someone else out there.”
finished quickly fled outside, bugger. Sand gall
沙芷 Jun snappily looked playful spirit slip, Huitou Zhao Gao Qi said: “Gauci, my grandfather is that way, you do not care for him to ~ Here are some zhou and some of the more nutritious food, fast eat it! “
said, would want to pick up the spoon fed Gauci, reddish cheeks Gauci said: “芷君 sister, I eat it.”
沙芷 Jun thought, too, after all, is already more than a dozen high-odd-year-old big boy, it is inevitable that some of the shy, she used to take care of the children at the clinic, careless also put Gauci as a baby.
then said: “Well, your hands are no big wound, but be careful not to strain the wound behind Oh!!”
Next, lie down slightly odd help high high, so he was able to feed themselves, but also exhorted: “The! 芷君 sister have something, will come to be close chopsticks, you have to eat quickly, oh.”
Gauci true feelings just like to let Sha Zhi-jun exposed to high odd kind of helplessness and loneliness, so soft-hearted Shazhi Jun could not help but feel bad, always want to take care of a little of the looks strong child.
Gauci should be after Shazhi Jun aroma with a slightly out of the room.
Soon, sand gall on the sly into Gauci room.
sand bile at the door waiting to see the king has gone after determining 沙芷, shut the door, toward the high odd happy to say: “! Are you all right, young man you are full of strong resilience of thing?!!”
Gauci body injury, to be honest really is full of serious, in addition to the king which coincides Shazhi not the world a brilliant physician, but also because of the high internal energy has been relegated odd birth into the realm of endless cycles, even unconscious personnel, the nature of the work can still be endlessly high Civita automatically help support the vital functions. With the special characteristics of these congenital condition, so that Gauci had the most basic in the coming days in the capital.
Fangxiawankuai Gauci said: “Sha old man, here is?”
sand gall to say: “Here

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“Presumptuous! Here Who is the master?”

Charm looked up ink Xi, Mouzhong says magnanimous and fearless, “she has spent too much of your mind, you should not meet again!”

ink Xi sank his face, dark green Mouguang bottomless, “you know?”

charm expressionless Mouzhong across fleeting frustration and perseverance, “I always knew.”

ink Xi sigh of relief, “But I want to see her.”

charm watery calm voice, “the consequences meet again, have you ever thought about?”

ink Xi eye color dark dark, “I want to see her.”

“You can not meet again.”

Xi looking black ink, sound slight anger, “Where is she?”

“I can not say.”

“I am your master, tell me where she is!!”

“You are my master, so I can not say.”

ink Xi brow Weicu, patience seems to have patience to the limit, anger: “? her even if you do not say exactly where I can found her!”

Charm looked up, his face filled with a firm, “the old suzerain trust, Do not you forget? Even if you disregard their own, Blue Eagle Hill so many people, you are no matter?”

“You! ……” Mexican Sunrise weeping eye, long time, “Well, you go on.”

charm turned retire.

“Wait!” charm back,

ink Xi Mouzhong flashed a little look, then they faded away, “how is she?”

“still alive.”

“she these days? whether injured?”

“very good, even if there are injuries should have healed.”

ink Xi locked brow, clenched knuckles whitened picture, emotional complexity: “sent to take good care of her, do not let her suffer any damage, especially in the dark palace there, pay attention to beware, remember?”

charm also gently sighed, “Yes!”

ink Xi gently waved finger, “You go on.”
When the
charm figure disappeared in the line of sight, paralysis ink Xi reluctantly sat down, his eyes fixed on the picture frame again so he goes on dreaming face,uggs outlet, hearts flavors Chen, pain, sadness, unwilling, helpless …… Wyatt, how can I get you to do?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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apricot town (a)

apricot town, as the name suggests, is a bustling town pear apricot everywhere, hidden between the mountains, the air flow with a touch of elegant floral. Though called “small town”, but in reality is not small. Pingkuang land here, the house is like, is a fertile pool of bamboo and mulberry beauty everywhere. Between the bustling streets of the Crescent City, the commercial exchanges are extremely active, most town residents 安乐富 foot, regardless of yellow hair Chuitiao, are contented and happy.

GouWa told Xin Yue, in the jurisdiction Blue Eagle Hill, a small town like almonds, like countless villages abundance of peace. He said that his mother always taught him to never forget the Blue Eagle Hills beneficence. Because here a decade ago, but is a wasteland. Come here to escape war refugees from various countries, under the leadership of juvenile suzerain ink Xi, go step by step now. Ten years, however, all the other towns and villages Apricot Blue Eagle Hills jurisdiction, as has become a veritable paradise.

previous Xin Yue Xi’s fame, but the ink is limited to “hear”, but in here,cheap ugg boors, but she really feel, in the minds of ordinary people WrightEagle Hills, ink Xi seems to have become a “god.” Ten years ago, the Blue Moon continent a smoke of war, a large influx of refugees here, to seek asylum. 15 year old boy suzerain ink Xi, began to assume one could easily shirk responsibility. He mobilized all the elite forces WrightEagle Hills, is zoned for industry, expanding the protective circle, so that more and more victims from the pain of war. He learned all kinds of childhood classics, knowledgeable stunning. In a large wasteland, he passed terracing, irrigation, commercial exchanges are encouraged to move gradually to allow the mind to become a barren continent Blue Moon all aspire paradise. This decade, though mostly in ink Xi hawk mountain ice practice, but whenever there is major construction or major thing, he will come back to the village guidance. He was low-key abnormalities seen his true face only a handful of people.

In fact, most of the people are WrightEagle Villa hope to establish Lanying country suzerain support their beloved king. However, the ink Xi fame for weak attitude to admire. He said the Blue Eagle Hill no king, every nationality people are free to choose, do not want to choose,cheap uggs, Blue Moon People are claiming the continent. Blue Eagle Hill Jiminggoudao not only shelter, thieves, looters, offenders once discovered, should be expelled outside the Blue Eagle Hill, and may not be re-lifetime inside. Confucius described the idea of ​​one world, the Blue Eagle Hills Sunrise ink under management have been achieved.

Gouwa said three years ago he began practicing martial arts along with neighbor Uncle Lee, his dream was to grow up to guard this piece of home, Xi suzerain able to ink their lives. In apricot town throughout the Blue Eagle Hill, Gouwa dream which most teenagers dream. “Mexican Sunrise” This word has become the Blue Eagle Hills spiritual hearts of the people.

Gouwa said, two months before the night of the full moon, recruited by Chen Qing Qing, deputy parish north of Chu River collusion launched a rebellion, they actually poison in the river, this drug allows people of all martial arts skill lost. Fortunately suzerain ink Xi quietly distinguishes rebels and supporters, so that each advocates are taking advance understanding of medicine, Akira fans want to cover, to inflict some confusing. So on the day the rebellion occurred, we would easily repulsed the attack north of Chu, but also to punish a group of defectors. Blue Eagle Hills people say, as long as there is ink Xi in, you need not fear any enemy. They Xi for ink, is an absolute, complete and unconditional trust and worship.

do not know why, rumors about the ink Xi, Xin Yue know, the more it will increasingly overwhelmed. She never really expected that he accidentally met, would be such a glamorous figure. Xi’s body ink, there are too many aura, it was the end of his life she could not reach the heights. Mexican Xi is God, his existence is to allow more people to a better life; while she is ‘people’, a struggle among creatures, little effort you want to live. He and she are from clouds and mud ah! Cloud, to look up; mud for trampling.

Xin Yue realized years later, when the girl started because good men become sensitive to low self-esteem, it is often because the love struck.

apricot town (two)

When Xin Yue open the door, Bright still in a semi-comatose state, will be issued from time to time a few times a slight cough. GouWa prostrate in bed, I heard the sound of hurried up, bounce to her swiftly.

Xin Yue just bought a laptop with medicine, the other hand on the ask Gouwa head, smiled and said:. “Come Gouwa, we go to your mother decoction” Gouwa flutter shining eyes, eye full of trust and hope, said: “Wyatt sister, my mother took the pills can be good?”

Xin Yue hesitated for a moment, and said: “Well, I should be picking up …… is all tonic, at least not harmful to eat at!.”

through the observation of Bright’s disease, her half-baked knowledge of medical knowledge judgment, Bright’s disease which is related with pneumonia and anemia. So she went to the pharmacy to open a big bag of blood medicine regimen. Xin Yue theory is very simple, even incurable disease, but a tonic for the body is absolutely harmless. So, first try to say.

When Jian Hao Xin Yue will feed Bright dose of the drug, only to see little moonlight from stepping outside Chen stepped to Mouzhong slightly tired look. Xin Yue gas is not one to play, the medicine bowl placed on the table, stood up and pulled out the small e.

shining under the moonlight, deep apricot forest.

Xin Yue Chen, pointing to a small, face anger: “how do you say good thing ah together to save the results of a valley on the missing, a figure not seen all day, you too not enough friends?! “

little wearily rubbed his forehead Chen, eyes faint smile: “? Are you waiting for me.”

Xin Yue glared at him:! “bullshit me apart Gouwa, you just know you are in the town of apricot, ranging from you, such as who Gouwa still a kid actor, you can not come back ah originally wanted?? looking for you …… “at the sudden warmth of palm Xin Yue let a little confused, she looked suddenly being held in the palm of my hand a small e, literally to hold back the next half of the sentence: you have been looking for to discuss Bright’s disease.

small Xin Yue Chen clasped hands, looking nervous and somewhat complicated because: “Xiao Yue, you are willing to wait for me?”

“ah?” small Xin Yue Chen looked confused.

small Xin Yue Chen looked intently, very seriously: “Xiao Yue, if I have to leave for some time, you are willing to wait for me?”

Chen Xin Yue looked at the little face, knowing he was not kidding. She gently pull out the little clenched hands chen, lower your eyes, whispered: “? Little Chen, you have to go yet,” the tone has not read her own loss.
small sigh of relief from the arms pulled out a Yu Xiao, leaning behind the apricot trees, quiet, no one else to blow up. Xiao Sheng melodious, such as mountains and streams, lingering and melancholy, silent and empty, the warmth of the listener’s heart. Hit attack breeze across, beautiful and blossoming apricot flying in the air, waving.

night, is the first time I hear a small Xin Yue Chen Chuixiao.

shining in the moonlight, knowing almond forest, that the apricot leaves Chuixiao man, lonely and warm.

end when Xiao Sheng, a weak figure ran in panic into the almond trees in the forest.

Gouwa pale, sweating profusely, rushed in, his eyes hanging crystal tears, he tried his hand beat Xin Yue, tearful yelled at her:! “You villain, villain I Mother was dying! my mother to be you put to death, she was going to die! blame you, blame you!! ooo …… “

apricot town (three)

room, Bright stiffly in bed, whole body trembled involuntarily, low body temperature scary, her face as pale as ashes, mouth bled, how to wipe it seems not wipe clean.

Xin Yue Guizaichuangqian, have some pale purple, the people huddled in the corner, the body involuntarily due frightened and trembling. She panicked clutching small e, eyes hollow and dazed, his eyes did not dry the tears hanging, “how do? Small Chen how to do?, I kill people, I kill her! Me how to be so bad? Her She was a child …… Mother ah! …… my kind of bad, I should go to hell, the next eighteen layers of hell, will never recover. how can I do? buried, right, small e, I should go to her burial ! …… “

small hugging Chen Xin Yue: “Xiao Yue, she was not dead yet we still have a remedy!.”

Xin Yue know that they kill people, and she clutched a small cuff Chen continued murmured: “Little Chen, she did not saved, she soon died, I killed her, I was the son of a bitch killed her too! was me, I …… “

small Chen constantly shaking, trying to shake her: “Xiao Yue you wake up today you gave her what medicine!?”

“drugs, drugs ……” Xin Yue Chen Sidongfeidong A with small words, “I opened some tonic medicine ah, Codonopsis, heterophylla, astragalus, lotus seeds, Poria, gecko ……”

small minds boggled Chen! Oops, Fu Ling and gecko with food, it causes death!

GouWa This is kneeling beside the foot of the bed to another loud cry, but suddenly rushed over, one will Xin Yue pushed to the ground, crying and shouted: “You can not say that my mother took the pills, okay? Why she would vomit blood, why is it so? You killed my mother! you are bad, bad! “

Xin Yue looked Gouwa tears in his eyes, flowing despair, “I’m sorry Gouwa, so I do not know, I really do not know! I do not know a tonic and eat the dead, I ……” she turned his head, looked small e, “Little Chen I was wrong, I should not have given a free hand to his mother prescribe medication, I was a jerk! how do I kill people, I kill ah, I …… I actually kill! Chen … small, you kill me, I want to give her burial …… how can I kill people? me how it would be so bad! me …… “

small Chen Xin Yue will face heavy in his arms, word by word, sonorous: “Xiao Yue, I’ll save her, I guarantee she will not die.!”

Xin Yue looked up, as if to grab a tree to survive straw, she desperately grasped small cuffs Chen: “? little Chen can you do you will be able to help her save her, right?”

small Xin Yue Chen gently patted the shoulder, seriously promise:. “I promise, will not let her die.”

Xin Yue casually wiped my face, looking hopefully at first small e, then Mouguang gradually dim, incoherent: “You lied to me, you’re not geniuses no pull, you can not save her she was going to die soon. , and I want to be killed, I was a jerk, why should I try to be smart! damn me, I now would die! I missed this world to go without solid, but personally killed a child’s mother, why did I still alive, I die, they die they can go back to my own world go by! me …… “

Chen gently picked up the little he ordered a sleep point of Xin Yue, went to the door, sullen whispered shouted: “! Palace, out.”

flashed a dark shadow, one plainclothes attire Palace in front of a small letter e generals Bangui, respectful tone: “? Majesty, what commanded”

in front of the palace, a small body of the king of the potential Chen filling is no doubt, “You’re overwhelmed by it, may have to bring physician counterparts?”

Palace pondered a little, and said: “Intrinsic Majesty, Her Majesty overwhelmed to find out, we fear that His Majesty may have been injured, Li physician counterparts all the way there.”

small e eyebrow color slowed down, said: “! immediately called him over, no matter what way, be sure to Gouwa mother cured”

Palace bowed, “Well!” blink of an eye, who has not a trace.

small e gently asleep in his arms looking at the Xin Yue, murmured softly in her ear: “Sleep Xiao Yue, everything that I am.”

apricot town (four)

next morning, when Xin Yue wakes up and hastily rushed Bright room, to see is this scene: Bright quietly in bed, body bar full of needles, and her color gradually been restored as usual . GouWa prostrate in bed, sound asleep, his eyes the tears had dried, mouth hanging laugh. Chen back to her small, standing quietly bed, slender and tall and straight back. Mahogany side table, a kindly old man is seriously what was written.

when Xin Yue into the door, Chen is also just a small back, quietly at her smile: “Xiao Yue, you wake up Bright has been out of danger, you do not have to worry about?.” Xin Yue looked guiltily Chen colored little tired face, look complicated: “You all night?”

small Chen did not answer, just smiled at her, reassuring smile.

At this point, Li physician from the table and stood up, gave a small prescription respectful Chen, he tried to salute, but found standing in the doorway of Xin Yue, quickly corrected himself and said: “Pi …… son, the patient has no serious problem here prescription drugs, should be able to completely cure a month

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Erin eye in the clear light of a sudden turn, will Shouyi Zhao, charming smiles:. “Leaned more, this can not be passed in the ears of others.”

Han Jie smile, smiling ear to scrape together the past, have not yet heard the sound, he felt the hot breath of micro, Penda’s tooth in his earlobe.

his mind a hot, smell the nose bursts of light coming from the secluded body fragrance, but it was immediately horrified lived next contents of the mind.
long time, they separated, Erin Han Jie looked faint smile, whispered: “I braved the odd risk,cheap ugg boors, the secret to tell you, I hope you do not let me down

Jie Han frowned up, has not yet emerged from the shock, shook his head and said: “I do not believe,” which is actually a government action. “

Erin micro ridicule, said: “At first I did not believe, of course, if I did not finish the fact that they already out of government control.”

Han Jie little pondering, he understood what was going on. Smiled and said:. “So this is,” he looked at Erin, suddenly said: “? Have you seen his real face it.”

Erin slowly close your eyes, after a long time before whispered: “He’s the face of the ever-changing, who knows what is true?.

Jie Han sighed and said: “Now I know, even know what you know, it still can not find him

Erin looked at his eyes,uggs outlet, feel a little surprised and said: “So, if you are false before?.

Han Jie smiled and said: “I am now nature is really for you detoxify after it’s happened before, I’ll arrange it, for your family to defuse the crisis..”

Ailin Mo However, without a word, and then on the Han Jie bow.

Han Jie no longer speak with the force of purple wood for Erin detoxification. This bacterium is a human. Xinmaitong lurking in the vicinity. At some point directly to detonate the heart. Resulting in an explosion and died of heart. Very vicious.

That this world, in addition to Han Jie, for fear that no one can detoxify.

When done, Erin quite fair. Only normal heartbeat for a long time, she also clearer sense of the goods to. What Jay … force. For the future, she is full of expectations.

evening, Erin returned to the group. Ran uproar divestment event on such a solution. But Han Jie has not done a thing.

he let Angelina Cheryl went to see a British government official, gave him a verbal message.

next three days, all Erin’s family are safe. In this regard, Erin is very excited. Han Jie call again thanks.

same position again, this time, she will reflect on the past, serious and responsible work Erin investment. And so these things are over. She then engage in medical research concern.

Erin to have this understanding, Han Jie very happy. Repeatedly promised, that would give Erin some compensation.

Wednesday shortly after working hours, pottery knock came on the road, Han Jie busy enthusiastically let him onto the couch, she poured tea for him, Tao Road, smiled and said: “Mayor, there is something to report about. “

smiling Han Jie waved and said: “Well.”

Tao Lu busy smiling authentic: “Vladimir Mayor, first of all I have to thank you, you promptly get back Erin Sobu, quell an impending crisis of confidence that swept the country of investment.”

Han Jie smiled started playing in the pen. Shook his head;. “You do not need to thank me, this thing is my responsibility, I had this on the responsibility” of this thing, in fact, the key lies in Erin. As long as Ailin Song port cooperation, everything is not a problem. Also thanks to that Erin was finally convinced. Otherwise. What’s really no other way out.

hear Tao Road smiled, then nodded and said:. “Mayor words were justified, but now the provincial capital of the complex situation, if you promptly shot, now what kind of situation is still difficult to say.”

Han Jie smiled, pulled a cigarette from the cigarette lit, frowning whiff, Cecil strands mouth and spit smoke, said:. “Tao way you be when it comes to ideas come up this time. ,cheap uggs, the provincial capital really not at peace and you must be careful. “

Tao Road attentively listened, smiled and said:. “I think so.”

Han Jie smiled, playing the fingertips of soot, looking meaningfully at her, nodded and said:. “you have such thoughts, well, there is progress.”

They chatted for a while, pottery road on frowning: “? dilute Mayor, Mayor Chen somewhat anomalous recently ah.”

Han Jie into the hands of half a cigarette stubbed out, threw an ashtray, a faint smile at him, whispered: “?? how to say is not what you find.”

Tao Road glanced at the door, lowered his voice and said: “Mayor Chen always strange these days, every time I see him, I felt there was a chill.”

Han Jie “Oh, a cry, a slight frown, and Xue Chen Zhidong recently very close. estimated to have reached a cooperation agreement, while the goal is to own, but this time, he did, and how did embarrass yourself.

Tao Road, continued: “A few days ago I went to accompany Mayor Chen finance bureau inspection, the results of Mayor Chen made a pass unprovoked criticism back to City Hall after it’s happened, he suddenly said to himself.”

“What is right?” Han Jie consultation worship

“I did not know how to listen, what seems to be experimental;;” Tao Lu said.

Han Jie smiled, touched the hands of the cup, quietly asked: “? pottery road, how do you see.”

Tao Road drink some tea, whispered: “In my opinion, Mayor Chen disorder of some magic” like bewitched. In short, his situation is very bad. “

Han Jie could not help but frown slightly, smiled and said: “? Tao Road, ah, how do you believe in superstitions ah”

Tao Road, slightly embarrassed, then smiled and said:. “Oh Mayor, I’m not superstitious award, mainly on this matter, I really do,” I felt really weird. “

Han Jie smile: “Pottery Road, in addition to these there is nothing strange thing?”

Tao Road, whispered: “I found his eyes have carnage.”

Han Jie pondered a long while, then whispered: “Do you communicate with others before, they have not found such an exception.”

Tao Lu nodded and said: “Of course there Quzhu Ren and I have spoken of this matter.”

Han Jie nodded and said: “I know, this thing will not continue a rumor.”

Tao Lu slightly hesitated and whispered: “You seem very strange ah?”

Han Jie whispered: “In fact, I have found, but I did not say.”

can not help but be overjoyed to hear Tao Lu, chuckle: “This time I can rest assured, I thought it was my impression of it …” The next afternoon, eating lunch in the cafeteria municipal authorities, Hanjie Gang Gangchu the door of the restaurant. Tao Lu will face smile came from behind. They went down the steps, side by side going forward. Tao no way around and aim, they whispered:. “? Mayor Han, Chen morning I went to the mayor’s office in the doorway I heard him and others on the phone, as if they mention what experiment”

Han Jie smiled, whispered: “Is human experiment, right?”

Tao Road, whispered: “Do you know?”

Han Jie nodded and continued to ask: “What? also heard”

Tao Lu whispered to be a cry. Said: “What seems to be the blood as soon as possible.”

Han Jie said: “Well, it’s something I already know listen to me, from now on do not control these things never do the things you do this year to fight for a permanent seat. …”

Tao Road eyes smile into a crack, raising his hand Lile hair, whispered:. “I know.”

“.! after a while, and all the things you have learned about the Head Zone” Han Jie said: “Erin investment here has been very easy to coordinate the results..”

Tao Road heard, the more excited and busy waved and said: “? how the nerve, all you who have been caught.”

Han Jie smiled and said:. “I have more important things to do.”

They are happy to talk. Chen Zhidong head came up. Two meters in front of Han Jie body stopped, smiled and said: “! Mayor, Eileen investment improper handling things nice.”

Han Jie smiled and said: “This is a victory for the government.”

Tao Lu smiled and said: “The two mayors, you first talk, I go first.

“Finished, Tao Road to leave a smile, looking at his retreating back, Chen Zhidong slight frown, shook his head and said:” The Tao mayor ah, always avoiding me recently. “

Han Jie smiled and said:. “? Oh, he was very busy recently, but Mayor Chen if you have something, and he can talk about it face to face.”

Chen Zhidong bow thought, turned away. Slowly authentic: “Mayor, do you think this person how to Tao way how I feel this time he was a bit wrong?.?.” Such as information on how funeral, please visit; heart;, sections of more support, and supporting genuine reading!

Chapter 57 XIII set thriller

, hundreds of people’s lives.弗杰 had to bite the trolling continues to hold six bodies pushed to “continue supporting force a dust rain, while the situation has been much better fire scene, tenth floor below the fire water cannons can be resolved. Together with Han Jie muster down the rain , the scene of the fire has taken control of most of them. fire scene and staff are excited cheering masses, especially those of the masses, kneeling on the ground is not up. kept praying that the rain can be stronger next few.

seventy-eight minutes later, the fire has been completely below the tenth floor control. Fly into and knife in a hurry with their elite men rushed to embark on the rescue. Soon, there have been a dozen people out of the safe transfer.

tenth floor above the fire, because the stairs tilt, fire ladders can not close. Han Jie inspired rely on rainwater. According to the present situation, as long as Han Jie longer adhere to ten minutes, you should be able to control the fire. By the earthquake in a little nervous, his hands clenched, kept a deep breath, take to ease the tension in mind.

Han Jie also here to fight, while those from outside to absorb the five elements, while constantly muster force purple water body. In this way, the effect is pretty good.

rain really is a harder and harder. The fire also is slowly weakening.

Finally, Han Jie insisted the ten minutes, senior fire and smoke has diminished. Li and his father immediately in cold contact, directing theater with a special field personnel rushed to the fire extinguisher, while rescue, while the fire.

But the biggest crisis is not completely removed.

building body tilt is Li Lu, at any time to the danger of collapse.

case to collapse, not only would not be trapped were rescued. Go rescue special operations personnel will also suffer life-threatening.

Chen Zhidong moment is in conjunction with the construction, surveying and mapping experts in terms of the degree of body tilt floor monitor, always pay attention to the circumstances of floor. It is not only ordered the timely withdrawal of aid workers. Can not throw good money after bad.

in Kaokao and Cui into the school also actively want measures to find solutions. Also let his father’s hands, the House of reports on the situation inside a bit, to accurately determine the floor can support the body in the end how long.

scene experts with all the data to arrive at a conclusion, an estimated two hours later, the House may appear more powerful tilt. In other words, rescue workers at the moment of time when only two small.

message after passing a knife and went on to fly into immediately ordered, quickly pull the net search, all rescue operations to be completed within two hours.

evacuated when Han Jie in Kaokao to make a telephone call, asked with concern: Jill, are you okay, you are now in where? Need Help? “

Han Jie now have some systemic collapse. Even the sounds are feeble. He whispered: “Zhenlei sister, I’m fine, how about the situation at the scene?”

“! because your timely rain” in Kaokao smiled and said: “The fire has been completely controlled, knives and my father’s men went in, the ongoing rescue so far, there have been more than fifty people were rescued. We still have two hours now. “

“! Oh,” Han Jie thought for a moment and said:. “.. I rest for half an hour, and then when you go to the past to find the two of us together into the fire to save people, so the speed can be more.”

“Well!” in Kaokao a promise.

Sure enough, more than twenty minutes, Han Jie has returned fire rescue headquarters site, Cui into the school to see him some bad mental state, quickly asked: “Vladimir Mayor, do not worry, now has rescued so many people, the loss has reduced the minimum , do not worry about anything. “

Han Jie chuckle, evidently, he would be wrong meaning.

this time, in Kaokao said: “Cui Shuji, you and Mayor Chen took command, and I was too afraid to go in the Mayor to save the

“! No, absolutely not,” Cui into the school quickly waved and said:. “in the vice-governor, how could I let you go to save ah, that’s too dangerous Mayor does not work, you look at you, look so ugly estimated the body is not good. still do not go. “

“! Cui Shuji, we go, the situation could be better,” Han Jie smiled:. “Rest assured, we will not be responsible for something you do well here on the line.”

forward, Han Jie Lei Xiang looked at it and look at each other, going to the past.

Cui into the school to see them come true, hurried past blocked. But that in Kaokao smiled and said: “! Cui Shuji, delayed rescue, I’m going to ask you is, do not get out,” Han Jie also chuckled, pulling in Kaokao hand, stature flash would have been rushed into the building. Cui intuition into the school in front of a flower, not people.

Although this somewhat too amazing, but now, it seems that gave so much.

good freshman would he react, I thought, could there be a hell of their big day? At this time, Wang Yue came whispered:. “Cui Shuji, do not worry, to be honest with you, Mayor and Vice-Governor is kung fu on people and high effort, they go in, that things are not . would only accelerate the speed of the rescue “

“Really?” Cui into the school still somewhat difficult to believe.

“ah, really!” Wang Yue nodded.

Cui into the school thought for a moment and said: “Mr WONG, you gotta back my witness, I did stop them.”

Wang Yue naturally know his mind, smiled and said: “No problem!” In fact, he is very clear, and Han Jie does not rely on the mine accident. Even now that building to collapse, others are dead, Han Jie will not be an accident. Wang Yue Li has been followed in the cold, so in the case of Han Jie, he also know about some of the.

also because of his ability to understand Han Jie. So all these years has been followed in Kaokao, not the slightest affront and a change of heart.

Cui into the school thought, this is not assured core two. Slightly hesitated. He dialed the 郝文杰 step is just four continents, Han Jie went to the fire scene to save the situation, said a bit.

Hao Wenjie heard, thought for a moment and said:. “is his voluntary”

“ah voluntarily, I stopped all no stopping!” serious towering into the school, said: “He went in together on the deputy governor,” estimates it will have to start saving up. “
Hao Wenjie almost shouted a voice: “You mean, in the deputy governor went in?.

“! ah” Cui into the school, explains: “They go together hand in hand” My concubine stopped, but I was in front of a swinging, two of them had already gone! “

“that what, Mr WONG told me that in Vice Governor and Mayor Han kung fu!” Cui into the school, said: “This matter is also aware of Mr WONG

“? such ah” Hao Wenjie thought for a moment and said:. “Cui Shuji, listen to me, this thing you have to pay attention to it, we must ensure the security on the Korean deputy governor and the mayor’s spot if there is danger of unpredictable You and Mayor Chen to act decisively and make the withdrawal of aid workers. ” “Ah, I know!” Cui into the school promised.

“! Cui Shuji” Hao Wenjie Stern said: “the seriousness of this matter, I do not say you know it, I hope you can grasp.
hang up the phone, it becomes difficult to look 郝文杰 look, a look of concern. If at Han Jie Li Zhen and something would have happened, it can really be earth shattering.

In his opinion, in Kaokao and Korea

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Then think of Grandpa Yin Zhi eye stare look. Shocked. Busy guarantee and said:. “Yes, master, slaves Fortunately, just write down the slaves did not quarreled with Ome, she just stopped.”

Zhou aunt listened to smile, nodded with satisfaction and said:. “Can you remember the good, and so it settled back home, which I still have things to negotiate with you, you can go and see someone outside,” she ever do things are commanded to be handed down in the clouds. Wait four Grandma yard, no clouds, but things do not.

Choi See aunt affable, know not blame yourself dispute with Ome, busy pleased to see the case should go outside it.

not say this during the first week is what Choi aunt and POW, single, said Liu Lu Wen exoteric entered the passenger in the hospital knew of his scheming, and it is disdain smile, afraid he would not move, just move the easier to handle.

Lucy Liu from the beginning of this article attention on your breath exoteric how to speak with Venturi, how Zhou aunt into the room to say something, to wish that both men Kuomintang’s home is such a mess in others, it is the smell of urine reddening , underground passage, thanks to no images, only sound, or your own eyes can not be dirty, but it is also uncomfortable listening, my heart really these exoteric and Zhou Wen aunt scolded half to death, simply no longer listened to come naturally Zhou aunt and did not know how going to the clouds.

Liu Lu been thinking Man uncle is a variable, I do not know when he will come, who knows the day to help himself, he would have come to this, this thing seems to be easier, they wanted a collaborated, it has come to himself Well, no return, so good for everyone, busy finishing things Bihe commanded: “You move forward quickly to take a trip that hospital Father, I have something to say, intrinsic, so be sure to pay a visit to his old, also have said, this should be a go, I personally can not allow a few days ago, he told the old hospital to go forward, he had to take the trouble to take a trip to the old pro, you give me a crime report, please understanding of His Holiness. “

Bihe see what she said solemnly, not much to ask, should the next, it 忙往 forecourt ran, she ran into the yard of the road, but added frightened Geng home two big men,cheap ugg boors, thinking out of the What is it, Father Geng know 柳露怀 pregnancy, fear is Lucy Liu tired to get up early to send their children, and what’s wrong, so what did Bihe greeting, the busy and asked: “This is how, anxious panic panic, not make you abandon your grandmother’s right. “

know Father which is worried about their own masters, Bihe Father’s attitude is also not timid, busy answer: “The grandmother in good health, you worry, Grandma something we want to discuss with you, so please Father subsequent trip to the hospital . “

Father heard this down the heart, but I do not know what happened four daughter, was also a little anxious how busy sitting on the side of the youngest Geng said: “The youngest, staring at you,uggs outlet, I’ll see.” The youngest did not wait to speak to go out, and only had time to read Bihe Sanye a ceremony on Father chasing away. The two of them out, leaving the youngest to stare know why, this is what with what, Huang Huang was so anxious you need it.

ever since Bihe head went forward, Liu Lu is also the venue in the yard, etc., see the Father came, smiled and asked a busy and asked him to sit down, his steaming tea sent, so Father slow breath.

Father entered the backyard and saw her standing hey, put a snack, smiled and nodded, then sat down it bluntly sip a cup of tea, break the will, it said: “You can sit in haste , what kind, are a man, yes, but what is it? “

Liu Lu listened smile, busy to sit back and said:. “Dad, Mother of money back and forth, Wen uncle came” Having looked at Father, he did not see the speaker, that he knew, the busy and then said : “Mother said the money, which in the words of the text mean uncle did not intend to go out, just waiting for a collaboration from it.”

Father listened very groaning sound of laughing, “an idiot, I did not let the old man had touched the back yard, but he did dare to think.” which he estimated not only refers to the text of the exoteric.

Liu Lu did not ask who he was referring to this, just consider the following: “I think when we are afraid of the text given exoteric count suddenly went off to visit the women of the hospital or contact with people still have to go out , it is in trouble, it would actually good,cheap uggs, it just left a message exoteric salon, evidently does not intend to go out, just back to his own living room, we’d just let the whole family full text home leave in the guest yard, would not foolproof, just a little, this is how the text uncle who agreed with the messenger, just hold it wants some of his torture, he was thinking about how to control our’d not investigated, dad feel feasible? “

Father but through the woods from a variety of conspiracy to people, listen to know that this is a good move, but he thought Lucy Liu comprehensive than some, contemplate the following way: “So it is not only risky, you just do not go out in the backyard, the women of the house that the text will not come out, so the collision of this thing you worry, but on the left today, there also came a letter from the emperor, hands today, you just better protect yourself on the line the. “Having heels and left, that means let Liu Lu then turned intervene.

Liu Lu Father that looked like fire emergency fire, probably wants to see his Auntie again, and presumably there are a lot of things they do not know, but she did not say, as long as nothing like their own home, this is a fight she soy sauce, and say that he is unknown, although a say in private that she can not pull the plug, always have to wait for this thing and we have to, otherwise she was not at ease.

something urgent, Father did not care daughter went fine, and he believed this is Lucy Liu will understand their meaning, which entered the forecourt open to discuss it with the youngest. The youngest was a ruthless, fared in the arena most proficient than the other three brothers also means thought: “Dad, brothers and sisters this idea feasible, if you are given, I think the text directly to lock uncle, He is not afraid to tell the truth, Man the women they all let them sleep tomorrow, everything is not all up properly. “

Father also feel good, why hesitate just think of another way to have a co-existence, the old monk also helped the family of the original text of the saving grace, thought the youngest, then feel feasible, both to understand each other’s methods Grandpa Wen also be able to pick out, then nodded his head, Chen Sheng said: “Well, you bring people to go, do not let people find that, yes, our home, David would not move the dark.”

youngest had an idea, which is to hide the emperor, a good save exoteric below, my heart was very displeased, this text exoteric Intuit is not a thing, but doing so is certainly to Father Abbot, had no choice but to answer next, go to work a.

This time things will be easier in many, Wen exoteric one passenger from the hospital back to the women’s side of the room Father, did not rest until he had breath, he was guarding the person to arrest a positive, not let him call out and more directly plugged his mouth, tied see the youngest.

youngest person is a set of interrogation, not a few of the set from the surname Wen asked what signal is sent out how they succeeded in this, where money venturi Mother also had a letter, followed by bottled water on what Man also let the women were all asleep, things actually surprisingly smooth. Man is now solved this group of unrest, the whole family just waiting for time to prepare to deal with Fu Wai destroy them.

Geng home so some action, a good move in this poor Prince Zhong, so simply to destroy. How do you track this Prince Zhong cloth this move, turned out to be, ever since his former cloth FLAC, when repeatedly exposed to the end, he Geng home on suspicion because other people are moving left alone, will this Geng Tsuen surprisingly not as emperor soaring, would not cause suspicion.

☆, second sixty-one chapter network has been rolled out

this Geng Quan antecedents, Prince Zhong still know, but because guessed Geng Tsuen associated with Albatron door, when he was in front of the emperor Kang Quan quit, did not care too much, and will have a series of later pity, this recently discovered amiss think of using the text after the exoteric identity, catch the old monk and Geng home to a double-edged sword, when both provoke the relationship between them, but also to break the emperor arm.

Who knows, this old monk Intuit cunning, temple who was anxious not act, he sent early this Geng Venturi came home upset his deployment, so he spent almost a good move, Ome is because he had used against the most formidable old monk, with the side, a little overkill.

But right from the mouth to hear Geng Wen exoteric fourth of a home away north of Beijing, Zhong Geng Quan princes knew it must also work for the emperor, this time out Geng home fourth of clever, sensitive place, he already expect a Probably, things will advance launched, this makes the text directs exoteric poisoned, in fact, he acted with the text exoteric, is to divert the gaze of others, with plum after his move is to control the home Geng the inner chamber and the woman, so Geng man scruples, obediently submit.

loyal princes this move is actually quite good, but unfortunately he met opponents too restless and strike, and two did not directly, then pour all the medicine, and then how to control it he is no good, and on willow dew configuration drugged That was the best, as you also make Guchong how much power does not move, then miscalculated also inevitable.

Zhong Geng princes and family are busy these months layout, the palace of the emperor at this time are pitching, East Snappers study, where one of the two people are sitting in a station to negotiate something.

listen who stood no white face of the old man looked down and said: “There came a letter, it Comin hands, but I do not know where the old Geng hold up?” That is where a little worried, after all, they But that did not dare to arouse his suspicions to inform Prince Zhong Geng this ambush thing. No one would have thought in a Prince Zhong will use insanity, this poison, but a good many years gone, either arranged in a nail at the Prince Zhong Comin exploration of this news, they really do not know, I hope not too late.

words to say was very concerned, and this people seem familiar with Geng home and a good relationship, and if this time Lucy Liu in person will find that it is the temple of the mysterious father.

this case apparently did not think the emperor. Could not help but sigh and said: “Who would have thought, his first move turned out to be Young family, the old monk that can not be lost so that he would think I was transferred to the Young family who, after all, Young hid so many years, others will not go His hard place, it will not cause any suspicion, who knows even out of this thing. if something Young told how to live my heart to go, although the master did not recognize him out of his heart still believe, do not say These single-Young sacrificed a lot for me but to die. “Speaking of which could not help a bit dejected.

emperor rarely have the time of this absence as a good subordinate, these words, but not blind pick mysterious father, in fact, not to mention the emperor did not expect. And the old monk on his day’s paid attention to this matter. Also did not think that when the line when this thing. Just think removing the venturi is necessary to Geng home justifies also the most natural place, it should not cause so much trouble that way? Although this head has a little bit selfish old monk, can not be thought to Geng had brought home such a big crisis, think of this, he could not help but think of the old monk, then this is the wife Geng home four variables. Now it seems it really is variable.

this mysterious father actually thought wrong, Liu Lu, now this situation may not be that Liu Lu’s credit, if she did not come to be counted on the meter, only stealthy to divert Man’s attention, or misleading text exoteric, this old Even Prince Zhong Geng home under suspicion nor will such a big note, at most, is thinking about the relationship between the old monk and provoke Geng Tsuen between chaos emperor deployment Bale.

fact, these Geng Father know, Lucy Liu had agreed a move this line, there are also a consideration of his own, one thing to the emperor, the second is thinking about the fourth of the old monk reminded wife, he thought let Liu Luli this power, the emperor no longer doubt their own daughter, and three is to protect this old monk helped Man a pulse, but to cut plotters involved in this, and so would not be Miyoshi.

If Liu Lu knew she had to do just to help with their own men, but who knows not only did not help to bring home the crisis, this would not be a violation of his own mind, but also can not vomit dead, but she did not know , it does not matter. In fact, Father have acted also dangerous point, if not exposed drugged willow, which also do not know what the situation like it.

mysterious father did not pick a good emperor himself, and sometimes tears den quiet person, but Comin things living to do, not much time for both men and thoughts of. Mind the emperor in the end is tough, want to know more futility, only this occasion only hastened to send someone to Geng family messenger, or Geng family crisis has to know some words Xiao Xuanzi not a lot of words, he just did not care about in a daze did not answer directly manage a reasonable idea, glanced bend standing Xiaoxuan Zi, told: “You arrange a proper person to Huangzhuang messenger, Comin fear is not good this thing, and you should never want to believe they had brought the necessary When a bit is also possible impairment. “

mysterious father heard this a cold heart, knowing that this is in any case to protect the emperor of the old Geng, although he is also very thought Gengping An old, old Geng did not expect to be at the heart of the emperor so heavy, but it was just old Geng intersect with myself for many years, and then immediately replied:. “yes, the emperor assured that slaves must run properly properly, it will not go the wind.”
ability emperor
Xiao Xuanzi still know, heard this, nodded his head and said:. “There you this, I will be assured, this would give you, go and do it,” Young is not something, Otherwise, with several of his sons how to master and Young, said in a Young himself unwilling something, how many years of brotherhood.

something urgent, elect people to Huangzhuang messenger, not only faster but also not leaked the rumor that this arrangement is not a little bit tricky, mysterious father also spent much, the emperor had finished speaking, it will immediately retire , seeking men arranged to go.

twists on these points and the palace of Prince Zhong Nobody knows, the more I do not know Lucy Liu, she completed a text home to see things, my heart calmed down some, this uncertainty gone, she have a more Big grasp guarding family. At this time retired and sit, Lucy Liu thought of a good time on her husband at home, thinking that if he does not make himself at home in fear of the square, Father they are good, but after all his men home better, he just stay in their own around as if to make her a kind of rely on tree-like feel, rather than think so now, not only did not mind the decline, had worried that he is good.

thinking about these, Lucy Liu is very sighed feel a little tired of it, not only the body tired, tired heart, he commanded Bihe said: “You go look at things to come ahead of the layout of arrangements but are good, do in case there’s anything to come again out of the poor child, they can not, and I slept for a while, you just do not have the outside watching, and then dictated me wants something, I just rest in this Snappers crooked couch while on the line. “are plenty of things to come, she was afraid to sleep a reality.

Bihe heard this, looked at my grandmother’s face is really bad, that she must tired, but also no more to say, just to help her carefully drew the quilt, replied: “I know, you do not worry, things are arranged, I went to see Cuixi behind them, but all packed up, went back, what do I call you a quasi immediately. “Then see Grandma nodded, then quietly retreated to head back outside went.

see Lucy Liu Bihe went outside, and sometimes actually could not sleep, thinking about what their own arrangements where there are no loopholes, so carefully thought for a moment back, she’d been slowly sleepy, she did not want it just a Eyes closed, they keenly felt someone in the front outside, and hurried it opened up the quilt, and to the outside does not mean Bihe hospital rush forward on its own, this rate, if Bihe in, but also